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Thank you for visiting my updated profile!

Yes, I am looking for a spouse, and yes, I am serious.
No, I am not a scammer, and do not believe in premarital sex.
Yes, I am looking for someone who has intelligence and loves to learn. While I study a lot, I know I don't know everything. However, I love to be around people who enjoy looking things up and learning more about God.
Since many of you ladies seem to ask for this, yes, I am God fearing. However, I see most who ask for this are not so themselves.
Yes, I have a romantic streak, but am also somewhat introverted, staying home and having fun rather than running around all the time. I miss having someone to talk to, touch, hug, make smile.

I have been divorced twice. First ran off with another man who made more money after 13 years, second did the same after 8 years to find a man who liked to party, then he did the same to her. For those who will not marry a divorced man, I understand and respect your position. On the other hand, many here have multiple children yet they are "single". Either you have had your "church" erase your marriage (not Biblical, so you are divorced), or you were married Biblically by living with someone and are now divorced.

In summary, I am a Fundamental Baptist who is looking for similar beliefs in a spouse. I have now chatted with ladies from many beliefs and few actually know why or what they believe. When presented with Biblical guidance, they still choose their church, which is wrong (sola scriptura means Bible only, but many choose sola eclesia, or church teaching over the Bible).

So, some guidance - Fundamental Baptists believe the Bible from cover to cover, and don't have to change anything to make up a doctrine. Catholics are far far from Baptist theology (they are the ones who gave Baptists their name, check history to see why). Pentecostals who are sold on their emotions over scripture are far away, as is any woman who claims to be a pastor. The Bible is also very clear on that unless you just teach woman, then it's ok. I can also rule out Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Christo in the Philippines) members, Church of God (Church of Christ spinoff), Disciples of Christ, and Seventh Day Adventists. Sorry, ladies, our doctrine is quite different. Again, Bible versus church teachings. If you are undecided, I can answer questions to help you, but I am looking for a more mature Christian lady.

Here are some discernment points. If you accept any of these, we are by far not a match.
If you think Purpose Driven Life or The Shack are Biblical
If you accept rock and roll music in church
If you think there are many roads to heaven
If you accept tongues or lady pastors as Biblical

If you are in the Philippines, consider me like someone who would attend Bob Jones Memorial Bible College or Gospel Light Baptist in Quezon City. That may help you place what I believe. I am a graduate of Bob Jones University in America.

If a non-Baptist contacts me, be prepared for a doctrinal conversation. Why? I care about your soul.

If that didn't scare you away, here are some details:

I have two younger kids who live with their mom, boy and girl 9 and 11. Having lived alone for many years, I have become quite a cook and continue to learn new things.

I have been around the world a few times on my last job, visiting Eastern Europe and Asia twice. Doing so allowed me to see out of different eyes than those who have never had the privilege of global travel. Many low spots in my past has also given me a different outlook (hopefully wisdom gained). So far I have enjoyed Asia the most, and learned phrases in Tagalog, Thai and S. Korean. No, I cannot speak the languages, just words, but I try.

Overall, I am a quiet guy who has done intensive Bible research so am quite factual about many things. I am not looking for a Bible scholar, but one who loves to learn. Having been through some bad times, I know many share serious low spots in their lives. My expectation is someone who may have had those issues, but knows now God still loves them and doesn't lean on meds to cope. Being able to share our Lord is a desirable trait, for it helps keep our own lives in perspective.

For anyone who has read this far and wants to go a bit deeper into theology or my thoughts, try my blog. It has many questions I have been asked from this site, and should help you identify similarities or differences in our theology. You might even smile, or steal a recipe.

I also use Skype and WeChat, and am not technologically challenged. If you made it this far and didn't cringe, I look forward to hearing from you!
First Date
I think first time out it is best to have a nice quiet spot where all those fun background stories and facts can be rolled out, with or without emotion, without disturbance. A nice quiet restaurant, getting to see what each other like and how they eat, is often the best. However, I am open to any ideas allowing room for us to get to know one another.

Many say walking on a beach would be fun. Having never done that with anyone I cared about, I am open to that as well.
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