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Experiencing exciting places, studying the Bible and reading classic christian writers, taking my nephew to church, being with friends and family, watching classic movies and tv, and nostalgia.
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update: I'm not looking for relationship or anything romantic currently but open to making friends

Excited about building strong positive relationships with those who are passionate about God or are just looking for someone that makes a mature loyal and caring friend that they can trust and respect.

While loving God wholly and striving to live a holy and moral life are important, to me its paramount that the foundation of Christianity is that God is love. And that is important to show godly love to Him and others.

While Im open minded to meeting new people, learning what we have in common and how we connect. At the same time, I'm very serious and passionate about the things of God.

Lately I heard a preacher speak about the rampart fornication among "church kids". This burdens my soul when I come head to head with the reality of what is happening today in our christian communities.

I'm going to pull away all the "putting one's foot best forward" stuff and state the unvarnished truth.

While its great to be a friend to all, it warms my heart the most to meet the real christians. The sanctified people. A christian partner would be great, but christian friends who really love God and are passionate for Him and His ways would delight my heart no end. Someone who truly has given their life over to God and desires not only to serve Him but to live totally for him.

Because of the one time only for a spouse, I believe in the purity of marriage (which means you and me are pure and its important to wait until marriage. ) I am also looking for someone who is serious about being a life partner.

Because of all the scamming that goes on from other countries, I am prefer someone in the USA, Canada, and would even consider some European countries but Im open to other options.
I am open to the concept of courtship.

For the right woman who really wants a godly man, it will be a perfect match. A combination of loyalty, holiness, and highly educated.

While I enjoy good times, the best possible relationships are those with God as the center and as people draw closer to Him they become happier and more at peace and have a joy greater than ever imagined. Trust, mutual respect, intelligence, strong spiritual values, empathy, and open communication are important attributes to me.

If you feel you are not a perspective spouse, but you feel you really care about God and desire to be a Christian brother or sister, I rejoice in the privilege of fellow-shipping with you and being an encouragement to you. life is not totally about marriage, its about encouraging our christian brothers and sisters.

Feel free to send a message to get to know me and please tell me about yourself so that i can learn about you also.
First Date
I enjoy talking to others and getting to know whats important to them. One thing I noticed that its easy for many to get focused on their wants and we forget that the person we are with as their own dreams and desires that need to be respected also. We like to think that others are like me, but at the same time what makes the world special is just like every snowflake is different, so there are differences among us.

Places could include a walk in a park, grabbing a coffee or seeing a movie or tv show or talking about God, what he means to us and where we see our selves in our walk with Him.
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