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**** I'm no longer in the U.S.!. I have relocated back into my home country of Mexico. Its also where I'm originally from ! ****

Hello 😀😀. I'm Erick. I'm looking to start things with a friendship which could hopefully lead into something more serious. i dont have children. I never have been engaged and neither married but that may change if I were to find the right woman. I'm looking for a beautiful woman not for her physical appearance but of her character. A woman whose heart is set on God. A woman that seeks God every single day and not the desires of this world. With that then our relationship can be strong and healthy with God guiding our relationship through trial and error and i never want to experience a divorce myself because I want to be next to my future wife forever and I want nothing dividing me and her until death do us part.

Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me and being saved in November of 2011 and accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior was the best decision that i ever made but the most difficult. It hasn't always been easy for me since I accepted Jesus but he has provided for me throughout my journey. He has provided me with strength, comfort and many other things. I have been through a lot in my life and I guess God is using me to do something extraordinary. To God be the glory right?

I would tell you anything about myself right now but most parts to my story can wait until later because i rather wait until we start communicating. I can tell you that I'm a history fanatic and i also like astronomy and I'm a curious person. I'm always curious about new things because I love to gain knowledge. I do like to read and the best book in the world is the bible ☺. I'm also into photography and I do photography on the side as a hobby. One day I'd like to travel to many countries and capture their beautiful landscapes. I can't go any day without my coffee because just like Jesus, coffee is my second life line. I do prefer coffee over tea, cats over dogs (that dog is my best friends dog in the picture) and i believe the word of God over the word of science.

My goal in life is to serve God as best as possible and as much as i can and to be more humble by helping others as much as i can

Feel free to send me a message if you would like to talk to me
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I wont take you to the movie theater. i dont want to get to know the movie or the actors. i want to get to know you and your personality. I think there is a peaceful place called a park.
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