For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

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Technical, repair, and contracting globally.
Travel, animals, cars, camping, hiking, and learning.
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I have courage for my convictions, I share them in love but I do not compromise. I am very open minded to the possibility that I may be wrong about things but I am not gullible or easily swayed. If you are fearful of a man who lives in truth I am not the man for you. The truth I speak of encompasses everything including, but not limited to, faith/church, politics/government, family, friends, community, education.

I love to laugh, and make others laugh. I am not into watching sports at all. I am monogamous and committed to truth and love. I am masculine but not macho. I care about other's feelings. I am open minded and I will always be honest about feelings. I am fair and honest and I am never hurtful or vindictive. I am quick to recognize my imperfections and will not let offenses go undiscussed that they may stand in the way of resolution. I have never quit on anything. I care about people and do whatever I can to help others. I have very broad skill sets and can do, build, fix, improve, rebuild or redesign just about anything, including automotive/motor driven, household/construction, electronics, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc. I only say this because I love to craft things for my significant other because it makes me feel good to do that and it is a way I show my love. I took cooking classes in college and I am a good cook. I was separated for 3 years and am very satisfied that I did everything possible to make the marriage work, including 3 years of therapy, but to my great disappointment and sorrow it did not work out. I am moving on and I have love to give but no one with whom to give it to.

I have learned who the real Jesus is and I follow His teachings as His friend. His grace in me is my testimony, and I am passionate to show it and share it. I am not religious, I don't think Jesus is either. I am a sincere Christian who shows love and acceptance to everyone, my faith comes from my own Biblical study and interpretation. Judgement and condemning is not my cup of tea.

I hope to find a woman who is secure and without control issues. A woman who is confident in herself, can trust a man who loves her without continually second guessing, and deals with issues in a mature way and keeps emotions under control most of the time.
First Date
Doing something that has us focused mostly on each other, where we can learn more about each other, share some laughs and smiles, feel comfortable and without any pressure and we feel great about the date afterward.

Thanks for reading my thoughts.

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