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I�ve been on this site for a while now and realized that after reading my profile that I probably come across as kind of arrogant. That is not who I really am. I went and read what some of you gals want in a guy. Honestly it�s a wonder that any guy would match up to what you gals want. Don�t get me wrong, some of you are great gals, have your heads on straight and know what you want. So with that said, I thought I should start with who I�m not. I�m not tall. I�m not rich. I�m not into spectator sports. I�m not a guy that goes around acting like a macho man; I�ve never felt comfortable doing that. I don�t drink, don�t smoke, I don�t party or like the party scene. I�ve always believed in being faithful, but I won�t lie not to say I don�t like to look, just learned not to touch the merchandise unless it�s paid for (I believe in marriage). I�m not insensitive; I try to be empathetic towards others. I�m not loud; I�ve been accused being very soft spoken. But I will tell you that I am very comfortable in my own skin. I enjoy who I am and what I�m doing in my life. Which brings me to the question, will women be interested in a guy who says he�s not rich and probably never will be. I know that what I do will probably never gain myself huge sums of money, so if that�s what you�re looking for, it isn�t me. Who I am, well part of me is very driven, and I enjoy helping others attain their dreams. I work hard at being supportive to those around me. The Myers Briggs says that I�m a healer (probably why I�ve decided to go back to school). So I�m an INFP for whatever it�s worth. I�m the kind of guy that if you aren�t feeling well, I�m going to take care of you. I want to walk through live with my partner experiencing the simple things of life. I want to know who my partner is �really�, not just superficially. I�m not into jumping right into the sack, don�t get me wrong I love just it like any other guy, but if I don�t get to know who I�m with, it just doesn�t mean much. I for one think it�s important to be respectful; all that stuff can come later. What I do like to be is romantic, kind, tender (things that guys don�t seem to understand that you gals want). Me I love to listen, I want to get to know who you are, are we compatible, are we willing to compromise, just so you know I love a good debate, I don�t like to argue. I�ve learned its ok to agree to disagree. The relationship doesn�t need to be like oil and water. The only way to get them together is to shake them up. It� should be more like ice cream, pleasant to the taste, and easy to swallow.
Are you easy to swallow, metaphorically speaking? Are you intelligent? Do you like being in a real relationship? Are you looking for the slow burn, not just the pop? Are you spontaneous, love deep conversation, wanted to walk hand in hand (not one in front of the other), have a love for learning? Things that are really exciting, walking on the beach, hiking a mountain, taking road trips, cycling together, maybe even cooking together, touch one another as it is prepared, wanting one another but waiting for it to be right. How about making love with just words? What honestly could be more exciting? Spending a life time together? It�s something that we all want, not sure how to get, something that seems to elude us. Why? Myself I�m open, ready for the last relationship of my life. I�m looking for the right partner, someone who will be honest with themselves, set aside all the stuff that puffs us up, make us look good but leaves us empty. If this is you, I�m here, waiting, hoping, and longing, for a real honest relationship.
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