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Bible, Bible Prophecy, End-Times Study, Music, Making Music, Singing, Dancing, Gardening, Outdoors, Swimming, Beach, Cooking, BBQ, Family Life, Animals & Nature, Painting,Making Things from Junk, Creating + More !
About Me
I am a Mature, Loving, Intelligent Woman who Seeks God & His Word in all I do. Looking for a Loving, Caring Man that Loves & Seeks God as well~

I have seen Power, Mercy, Grace & Healing of Our Heavenly Father many times... And hope to Meet a Potential Mate that would desire to live and share in The Manifest Presence of His Power, (as opposed to just a "Head Knowledge" of Our Lord.)

Looking for a Partner who desires to allow the Expression of His Will and Plan [to us & thru us] in a Healthy Relationship... To share in Biblical Knowledge & Understanding with each other-- as Our LORD desires that for Couples. (To be "One Flesh")

I also have a Heart for the Lost; and often extend Care & Attention to those in Need, as well as Ministering, when possible~

I am playful, youthful, fit, have a sense of humor, and enjoy good company & conversation-- but also very aware of the World Scene and where this all fits in to Biblical Prophecy. Knowing time is short, that does not mean that we cannot ENJOY what Our LORD has given us NOW in Goodness & Righteousness, in Opportunity & in Service {while it is TODAY}

It is important not to be fooled, but to become a 'Spiritual Warrior'-- {as it is "important to redeem the time" ...and to not be ignorant of The Dark.....for we are Children of The Light!}

I currently live in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate NY, in an 100+ old Farmhouse (updated).
I like to Garden, Grow my own Food, and often Can or Put Food By for the Winter. I am Thrifty & like to Recycle Odd Things-- such as tinkering around with "making Things out of Nothing (from junk or throw-way items) or finding New Uses for Items. Not because I cannot afford new-- but do like to re-use, if possible....Plus it then makes it 'one-of-a-kind'.

I have built alot of the things: Chicken Coop (from old Barn Wood) , Greenhouse (from old Windows & Doors) Garden Trellis, etc. Enjoy household renovation as well. [ i.e = Good with Power Tools !]

I have a good sense of humor and enjoy going out or being at home. CAN COOK A GREAT MEAL [What's your favorite dish?]

I'M AN ALL-AROUND TYPE OF GAL.....I can get "Dressed up for the town , or get down in the Mud!!! I am also Creative in many mediums and ways... And Sing well. {Play some instruments, but not as well as I would like.}

Try hard to be a God-Fearing "Proverbs 31" Type Woman... and hope to meet a Man that desires to live by the Biblical Blueprint for a Husband; and wants a good loving Help-Mate to Learn, Grow & Share with~ I will strive to lovingly serve, respect and uplift that Man that God would pair me with. ARE YOU THAT GENTLEMAN?

PLEASE HAVE PHOTO! *and hopefully one with OUT sunglasses!*
Yea, Guys-- I know its a cool look-- but Eyes are Windows to Soul...Can't see what ya look like behind those dark shades!

I also have no problem being Friends and having Fellowship with other True Believers & Followers of don't be afraid to write.

Thanks for looking & stopping by~

PS: .... if I'm not your "Cup of Tea", then I pray that you are able to find a Mate & are able to Express God's Plan for You Both through Your Lives & Your Union~ AMEN!
First Date
What I would DO for a first date.....?

Pray at home for Our LORD to anoint meeting, then for You & I to share a meal together [perhaps lunch] and see whether there any "chemistry" between Us

If there is: then we could go for a walk after lunch, talking & sharing...

But I don't want to get ahead of myself--- I don't usually "plan ahead" and try to play out what will happen before it does!

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