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God, Christian events and activities, outdoors, good clean fun
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I enjoy Christian activities and events like reading about Jesus, the Bible, church, prayer, Bible studies and anything that is good, clean fun. I'm a Conservative and Trump was the best President in my lifetime. I like outdoor activities like bike riding, camping, sitting around a campfire, etc.
Trying new recipes is always fun with the right person. I enjoy DIY projects around the house. I like travelling domestically and internationally. I obey the Sabbath from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.

I would like to meet someone mentally, spiritually and financially stable with similar interests.

On Youtube, the channel ApplyGodsWord/Mark Bellenger has some wonderful, Godly advice and guidance on being a Christian single.

I am not into loud music, I prefer a quiet, clean home. I am allergic to cats...sorry! An FYI... I was married and divorced before I became a Christian.

If you are loud, sarcastic, curse, have shirtless photos, drink or do drugs, don't believe marriage is forever or don't mention Jesus in your profile then you are not my type.

Are you a Christian? I care about you, so telling you about God's love is important to me. We are not Christians because we are born into a Christian family, we become Christians when we realize we are a sinner in need of Savior and accept Jesus Christ.

The Bad News: We are born physically alive but spiritually dead (separated from God). In the beginning, God created man to live with Him in peace and love but God had to give man the power to choose to love Him back, because forced love is not love at all. Unfortunately, the first man Adam (and Eve) chose not to follow God's law(which is sin) and instead chose to follow Satan, so was banished from God's presence and sent to live where Satan rules (earth). God tells us that "the wages of sin is death", and we have all sinned (ever told a lie in your life? No amount of time or other good works will get rid of that sin) and since God is 100% just He cannot let some sins slide.

The Good News: God loves us so much that he sent His son, Jesus Christ, to take the punishment we deserve... but, like any gift, we must choose to accept it. God is still asking us to choose....If we choose to accept the gift of Jesus dying in our place, then our sins are forgiven and we can spend eternity with God but if we choose not to accept it then we will take our own punishment in hell. Will you accept Jesus Christ today? Your eternity depends on it.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!
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