I am looking for a friend. A woman who knows Godís calling for her. To support and be supported.

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United Kingdom
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A Marriage Partner
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Possibly, who knows
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4 Yr College Degree
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Administration for now
writing, cooking, world and Christian issues, DIY, running, crafts, reading, theatre, many more but I do not do them all at the moment
About Me
Interests are running. I am focusing on speeding up my 5k times at the moment. Cooking. I eat a plant based diet so love trying to keep it interesting and tasty. I write books for children and young adults. I have some on Amazon. I like to write stories which expose the readers to different cultures and to the Lord also.
I love God and love people, particularly the downtrodden, hurt and poor. At my core that is where you will find me. Always trying to be a part of Godís healing to others as I search Him for my healing.
I have lived and worked in Rwanda for a 9 year period and never really wanted to leave. Africa and it's culture is very much a part of me and has helped formed my Christian and world view.
I am interested in many things, starting many projects, usually at the same time. I am learning slowly to finish things as well and do respond to outside encouragement to do so. These days my main activities are writing for the youth, cooking and truly live with the Lord. The very latter thing is something I can only honestly admit is a daily endeavour.
I have a child of 16 living with me. Final year of Secondary. We have a great relationship and I am sure it will be all right, but it is just something you should know about.
I believe being a Christian is repenting of all behaviours which disgust God with the aid of the Holy Spirit and believing that Jesus Christís death has paid that price I owed God for my selfish pursuits. I am realising this is a life long process and I sometimes wonder if I am making any progress at all.
If you like what you have read, please message telling what you liked and bit about yourself that I will not find in your profile. I am looking to share life permanently with someone and will not be dating lots of people just for dating's sake.
God bless, Steve
First Date
I would like to go to a place of interest to both of us to. To have a fun day out, which is relaxed enough for us to talk and get to know each other. A famous building, a zoo, a museum or art gallery. I do not want a date until there has been some relationship built up via, email, phone and/or Skype. The day out would therefore be a fun day that both of us would remember fondly even if romance did not blossom.
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