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To save you time I wanted to list my MUST haves, so if you do not meet or care for my MUST haves, then thanks for visiting and good luck in your search… the Lord will guide you to your love if you follow Him.

1) Be a committed Christian and have a desire to grow closer to Christ.

2) Serving His Church or looking for ways to serve.

3) Currently practicing abstinence, for the purpose of honoring your future spouse and above all else, God. Yes I have a daughter, whom I love very much, but I’ve learned the hard way why God designed sex to be ONLY in the unity of Marriage.

4) A desire to have children and accept my daughter as their own… when that time comes.

5) Be very affectionate in the relationship… physical touch is one of my love languages.

6) Accept the fact that we all have faults, but love unconditionally and be supportive as we improve.

7) Be supportive and committed (when married) during the good times and in bad time.

8) Believe and understand God’s design and roles for a husband and a wife.

9) Believe in these 6 key elements for a relationship:

… and it wouldn’t hurt if you love movies and enjoy cuddling on the couch after a long day.

I grew up on a farm in southern Indiana and it gave me a lot of common sense and useful skills, but farm work was just not for me, so I thought…. I am now managing the family farm with my dad. So never say never because God has a good since of humor. I do love the county. I went to Ball State University for Criminal Justice and Psychology and graduated in December of 2003. In high school I fell in love with motion pictures and enjoyed singing, acting, and directing. If I had to describe myself it would be along the lines of someone that cares too much and at times trusts too often. If anything I'm very sincere, open, affectionate, love to make friends laugh, and will act extremely stupid just to get a smile out of you. I’m very laid back, reserved at times, I can be strong willed and you would be very lucky to change my mind on any subject if I feel whole heartedly about it. I have just started making myself politically savvy, yes I am a Conservative Christian… you can probably tell by the proper spelling and grammar usage, LOL!

I am old fashioned for the most part. I’m a hopeless romantic. I'm not egotistical but I have been told I come off that way, a lot, but I really am not. I think it's just that I'm shy and reserved until I get to know you or you try to get to know me. I think there is a fine line between being confident and being egotistical. I am very trusting, which I think is a weakness for me at times. I usually trust you until you screw me over.

I would like to find someone that wants to build a life together and raise a family, willing to put God first and is a committed Christian. Someone who is primarily a homebody but can be a social bug, someone that loves movies, so cuddling and watching a good movie is something I really enjoy. I enjoy relaxing with friends while having a few drinks. I have no need to travel except for occasional getaways with you, or family vacations. I want someone that can communicate and knows that it takes work to make a relationship valuable & special, someone that will NOT run away when it gets hard… hence the phrase “For Better OR For Worse”… They did not come up with that phrase because it sounded catchy.

I desire someone that is a strong believer in the biblical sense of marriage. Someone that can compromise in a relationship... someone that is or wants to be a mommy and be a close net family. Obviously I want someone that is willing to treat my daughter the same as any future children we may have together. Someone that wants to build a strong relationship with God and with me, and by NO means am I perfect; I have just as many faults as the next guy. I am always trying to be a better man and to be the man that God wants me to be… the man that my future sweetheart deserves.

If you are close to the Lord and a strong Christian then I hope you will understand my last criteria ... I believe in abstinence before marriage. I have made my mistakes and reaped its consequences (and by no means do I mean my daughter, I wouldn't give her up for the world)... but I never want to go through that heart wrenching pain again… it is by far the worst pain I have ever experienced. I have made my effort to salvage any hope for my daughter’s mom and I, 6 years is a long time to wait and try, but I did it for my daughter… any descent loving parent would do that… but there are many out there that don’t. This is why I have changed so much and have grown closer to the Lord; I never want my daughter or any of my future children to go through that… EVER! Sex is for two COMMITTED adults that have taken the plunge… in hopes that they don’t run out on you when it gets hard, and I promise you any relationship worth saving takes work. By all means I don’t care about one’s past, but I would like for my future mate to be currently practicing abstinence for the right reasons… to honor God and their future spouse. So I hope you can take me as I am...
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Somewhere we can actually talk and be relaxed.
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