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Hello.:waving: Thanks for visiting my profile here.:hearts: I'm a slim,skinny, lean, fit, healthy eating, energetic guy who seeks God's help to be able to be loving, joyful, good, sweet, kind, gentle, peaceful and patient.:prayingm: I'm fun, active and adventurous and I'd prefer that we get to know one another here first through chatting and then if we feel any mutual chemistry or feel lead to see each other after some prayer, we could meet in person. :prayingf: I'm open to all Christian faiths, cultures, types of believers. I understand that we may be at a different place in our journey but we are all one in Christ and on the same path. I'm hoping that as we share in a meaningful, sincere way we can grow together. I like prayer, talk, music and connection with my partner. :prayingm: I'm a fun, warm, social-enjoy every day type of man. :dancingp: I'm sensitive to my partner and strive to serve or bless her in any way I can to get to know Christ in ourselves, others in all things and us as a couple.:buddies: I also like relaxing, yoga, meditation and enjoying life's little daily blessings together like a sunset, beach, greenery, in my hot tub overlooking the creek in the meadow. :glow: I like getting out in my boat looking for new swimming holes and fishing spots.:winksmile: I'm a healthy living, outdoorsy, romantic type of guy and I like daily sun, hikes, jogs, biking, swimming, parks, historic walks, outdoor sports like tennis, volleyball, baseball, basketball; just for pleasure but not competition; not watching them though.:peace: When I had my kids I was blessed to be able to stay home with them during the day to care for them as my x had a day job until they entered school. I chose to sacrifice my career to work anything but day shifts including weekends, midnights to be present in their lives so I could love them more practically. Kids are worth it and our future. :applause: I also like skiing, skating, tobogganing but when it's really cold in the winter I work out in my home gym to music or videos. :bouncy: I respect Gods green earth so I'm an environmentalist who enjoys gardening, landscaping, housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, tidying, renovations, I watch little tv, movies, preferring to go to galleries, concerts, museums, festivals and even shopping. :purpleangel: I'm quite open to new places, people, cultures and things. :MrT: I have had 1 long term relationship and I'm looking for only one more quality relationship with a spiritual helper to compliment me.:hearts: I'm blessed with a stable career but I am also looking forward to retiring, the Lord willing.:laugh: I am respectful of all types of churches and ministry in Christ. I really want to learn to love and serve all people, cultures, faiths. :bow: I'm passionate, expressive and try to have a good time while doing the work of the Lord. I'm not a religious type of Christian but rather I appreciate the inner spirituality in a persons faith. Life's too short for games. (unless they are mutually acceptable, fun and in good taste) I know how to chill, relax and I am not hyperactive, driven or obsessed nor afraid of being myself nor do I try to act what some people consider spiritual. Love, live, let go and laugh without causing anyone to stumble or get hurt is my motto.:party: I'm sensitive to my partners wishes and realize it all starts with open, sincere talk. :nicenurse: Our differences can be appreciated as our personal uniqueness and compliment or help attract me to you and you to me even to 'keep things fresh' in a life long partnership. :prayingm: I hope to hear from you. Blessings:bow:
First Date
Thanks for considering meeting me :applause:On a first date I'd like to do anything that you feel comfortable with such as a healthy drink then a walk together at a quiet, peaceful, green, waterside location or in the winter near a walking, skating or skiing location where we can talk and get to know one another better, like a public mall. I'm open to your own suggestions as to where or how we meet I'm respectful of your plans, wishes or desires.:bow: I'm adventurous, active so I'm willing to try almost anything new or to explore things we have in common in a safe, open, comfortable, natural place. The location and activities could be agreed on by both of us and should facilitate trust and ease of conversation. :nicenurse:When we first meet hopefully that look, smile, gaze into each others eyes should be one to cherish forever and hopefully look back on it for inspiration later in our relationship. :hearts: I try to be genuine, truthful, real, honest, alert, adventurous and romantic so I don't mind taking chances in exploring our differences as well as the things we have in common in a fresh new way that will create sweet memories. :purpleangel: I enjoy good sometimes healthy food, mild exercise and drinks in an outdoor patio or park, especially by the water, sunset walks on the beach, or walks in a park. In the winter I like to cross country ski, skate and toboggan but when it's very cold outside I exercise indoors in my home gym while watching vids while listening to music or teachings. Also shopping, museums, galleries, festivals, movies or music. I'd want to respect and explore your hobbies and passions together like friends do. I look forward to seeing you. :prayingm: Blessings and peace.:waving:
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