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I love God, my family, and my country and will happily defend all three.

I was recently part of a conversation where the statement was made, �But how do we know that we serve the right God? Maybe we do, maybe we don�t, but we shouldn�t judge people and tell them they�re wrong!� I don�t believe that this is a correct statement for WE should be fighting, tooth and nail, to show others that there is only ONE WAY into heaven! Are we so careless that we don�t care that if they die not knowing Christ as their Savior, they WILL burn in hell for eternity?! There is only one God, one Way, but there ARE two destinations when you breathe your last breath...

I'm a Pro-life Christian who would love to be able to help foster kids or maybe even adopt.

I like to garden to a point but love to landscape...yes, there is a MAJOR difference in the two!

I am not a city girl but am allergic to many of the plants that grow wild in the country :(

I was homeschooled and plan to home educate any children I might have, so if you have no interest in home education, you�re not the man for me.

I don�t like to be in the spotlight.

I�d like my �someday� to include a good Christian man, self employment, kids, a home, experiments with food (I make awesome fudge and fried pies), maybe a beagle or a pit bull, a green house and plant nursery, and aviation (which I would like to use to help missions (not sure I�m missionary material, myself))

And, yes, I know I've used a lot of I's in my new profile, but you're reading it in hopes of learning about ME so there you go

What type of a man I�m interested in meeting: One who�s life doesn�t revolve around sports, a family man who is actively involved in church and church activities.
To fit the bill, he�s got a mind that he uses, isn�t a liberal, and can have a conversation about what he believes concerning the Bible.
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Depends on the man
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