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Marketing Analyst
Boating, fishing, bicycling, exercising, movies, antiques, cooking, trying new restaurants, anything outdoors.
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I am an active, caring, funny, educated, social and romantic man who is looking for a woman who embraces life, is emotionally stable, has a great sense of humor, and is over any past relationships. I think trust is the foundation of any relationship. Without trust you can't really have a relationship. My parents were not just husband and wife, they were best friends as well, and I want that in my life.

I love the sun and being outdoors. I enjoy bicycling, water skiing, fishing, and just plain being outside, no matter what I am doing. I like trying new restaurants and like almost all kinds of food and a good beer, but most importantly great company. I have 3 children and even though I am almost an empty nester I would prefer someone who also has kids and is divorced, because otherwise you might not "get it".

I like to write and could write a book about me and who I am looking for, but I don't want this to become War & Peace. I can share more later if you like. In the meantime I'll try to be brief.

My profile is what it is; honest and current although I need more photos. I was a soccer dad. I used to drive a minivan. Now I drive a VW convertible, but often miss the practicality of the minivan. I have no sports cars or motorcycles so if you are looking for all that you are looking at the wrong profile. Not that I don't like those things, in fact I love them, I just don't have them now. They may be in my future. I also avoided the pictures of me holding dead animals. And the bare-chested speedo shot. I suppose I could supply one if necessary. Sans the Speedo though. I only have traditional swim trunks.

I am not vain but we are probably not compatible if :

1. YOUR PROFILE IS ALL IN CAPS and cuntainz numurus speling errers.

2. You have 20 pictures and 19 of them are from your vacations and you are not in them. If we ever meet I would LOVE to look at your vacation pictures, but right now I am interested in learning about you, not a beach.

3. Your only pictures are from the neck up. Come on, if we eventually meet (isn't that the goal?) unless you're wearing a box with a hole in the top, I will see you.

4. You have more than 3 cats.

5. You are larger than me, your hair is shorter than mine, and you have more facial hair than I do. I need to be the masculine one; it's a guy thing.

My ideal woman would iron my shirts in 1 minute flat, get me a beer the first time I asked and be able to start a lawnmower on the first pull. Just kidding!

I don't watch a lot of TV but I enjoy reruns of “The Office" and “That 70’s Show”. Favorite movies include all the Iron Man movies and I like anything with John Travolta or Robert Downey Jr. I love the Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, & Indiana Jones series.

If you read this far, bless you. If my outlook and humor have not turned you off I would love to hear from you.

Finally, I want to point out that while looks are important to me, and are certainly something, looks aren't the only thing. I do care about looks, but they have been rearranged on my priority list. The rest of your life is a long time. Looks fade, and when they do you better be with someone who you can talk to & carry on a conversation with. I also think personality plays a huge role in attractiveness. I have met very attractive women that I could not stand to be around because of their personality or intelligence. If you don't have some redeeming qualities past looks, I won't find you attractive.
First Date
A drink somewhere that has atmosphere, where we can talk. I am wide open for possibilities. I think if we chat we can probably figure out something we both would like. Not a movie. That is a 2nd or 3rd date activity, not a first date. Eating out on a first date is also probably not a great idea. It is hard to talk and get to know someone when your mouth is full.
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