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Hi there. I'm mostly here because I enjoy participating in the forums! If you're here because I winked at you, I probably thought you seemed like someone I'd like to get to know more about but also figured I'd let you decide if you'd like to connect after reading about me first. If not, no offense taken! If you wink back I'll message you.

I grew up in a God-fearing household with generous, loving parents & 3 charming brothers. I am grateful for the blessing of a solid start in life that I know so many others don't get.

While I chose to follow Jesus at the age of 8, I didn't really begin to connect with Him as a person until my high school years and our relationship has travelled many roads since. He knows and loves me well.

He knows and loves you well, too.

For the past 20 years the only consistant dream I've had is that of becoming a wife and mother. I had a picture of having a hard working, dreamer of a man to support by encouraging him in his endeavors and creating a peaceful home for him to find respite from the world. That picture also included raising up a slew of God-fearing children together that would grow to be compassionate and generous in their dealings with others.

I took for granted that I would meet the right man early so I opted not to go into debt by attending college out of high school. I did eventually pursue further education & was able to do so without loans. I've also taken some online bible college classes & have considered continuing them on campus.

I connect best with folks who balance silliness and seriousness, are thoughtful of others, know how to enjoy both time in and time out, and who are willing to discuss great ideas and truths.

I like stories.
I like music.
I like my family.
I like lists.
I like sports.
I like documentaries.
I like making people laugh.

I believe in the message of Grace without works.
I believe in free-will.
I believe the Holy Spirit is alive and well.
I believe in healing.
I believe God's not mad at you or me.
I believe scripture is a progressive revealation.
I believe there's so much for me to learn about who God is.

Someday I'd like to have a ministry with my husband.
Someday I'd like to home educate my children.
Someday I'd like to give away a car.
Someday I'd like to finish one of my stories.
Someday I'd like to have a home business.
Someday I'd like to visit Australia.

I'm happy to share more photos with real men (as opposed to spammers) if you've read anything that piques your curiosity. Serious inquires will not be perceived as marriage proposals ;) While I'm looking for marriage born from friendship, I also like to know early on if there's issues that would take marriage off the table. I'm not going to marry a man I had to drag down the aisle, so just because I'm asking you questions about your views on marriage or other related issues, that doesn't mean I'm trying rush into that direction- I just need to know it's an option. Don't start something you can't finish. Let's not awaken love before it's time.
First Date
I think this is a silly question because it depends on who the date is with, so here's a poem by an unknown author instead....

Nothing either great or small,
Nothing sinner, no!
Jesus did it, did it all,
Long, long ago.

Till to Jesus' work you cling,
By a simple faith,
Doing is a deadly thing,
Doing ends in death.

Cast your deadly doing down,
Down at Jesus' feet,
Stand in Him, in Him alone,
Gloriously complete!
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