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I'm a born-again believer and Jesus is my savior! It's been an interesting journey and I ended up getting sidetracked with apologetics and debate for almost 20 years. Jesus is my rock, and my comfort.

I've been through a lot for one lifetime, but I am employed, have my own home, and have no debt. What I truly dream about is God's perfect match for me - one who will never leave my side the same way Jesus wouldn't. It's tough meeting people these days who actually confess to be Christian, and if they do they don't have much scripture within their heart so it becomes a chore of testing the spirits each time to see who really believes in what. I work out regularly to stay in shape and it shows, I would like to meet someone who shares the same interest in fitness and staying healthy!

I do love to talk and I'm super friendly - please don't be hesitant to send me a message and say hello! While I am looking for a long term relationship and someone to grow old with, I'm also very open to making new friends and a few good prayer warriors. After all, those of you who are on fire for God are my real family, my eternal family. I never touch alcohol, I don't smoke or use any drugs and consider myself a clear-headed, logical person.

Thank you for reading, and may God bless you richly! Amen!

Note - please write me a nice long email. I will probably not reply to "Hey, how are you?"

First Date
I was on here years ago and discovered that many contacts were either in another country or living on another planet so I wouldn't plan out a first date so much as a meet and greet. I want to say that dating isn't even biblical but courtship is. There's a difference - you don't date to marry but rather you marry to date for the rest of your lives!
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