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Peace be with you. I look for someone who is a fellow believer; a believer in the higher realm of our own identity. Being reborn, for me, means knowing a different essence of life and seeing from an eternal perspective. Everything is viewed through the eyes of Christ as best as I can strive. I will be honest here and say that I find it difficult to find another who believes in the depths of the spiritual realm that I know and experience. It doesn't make me better, it actually makes me come off as kind of kooky in many ways. I feel lonely at times in a world of temporal things, spiritually dead people. I realize this may sound harsh, but, if I am to be frank, I care not what others think about my discerning eyes when it comes to seeking an equally yoked life partner, a husband ultimately. I do care about brothers and sisters in Christ and those who are lost and hope I am a lamp that shines, a heart that loves, and feet and hands that serve in order to glorify and testify to our Creator. But this is a singles dating site and I am very specific in my search.

If you hear a different language from the Word of God(allegorical in tone), one that speaks in a heart dialect - sans time and space, then you might enjoy me. If you feel circumcised from this world then you might feel at ease with me. If you are mystical in your nature then you and I can have great adventures. If Holy Spirit has pulled back the veil for you then we might speak the same language. When death holds no sting for you, then life has new meaning. Our life together can be heavenly. Does any of this make sense to anyone out there? If it is your language, too, please reach out to me as I'm looking for other Seekers.

I am your everyday normal girl next door. But, behind my functioning day to day in a mundane fashion is a power and freedom that sets me apart. If you feel set apart, without doubt, then let's share that for a start. I wonder what God has in store for two people like that when he blesses the union?
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First date I would like to stare and smile til my cheeks hurt and my heart melts and the clouds open.
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