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If you want to chat with me, you will have to set your criteria to all. As I cannot change my age here and please read my profile before responding to me as I do read yours.

I love ranch life and beautiful sunsets, but I can be just as comfortable snorkeling in Key West or reading a good book. I have had many opportunities to travel and enjoy cultural differences. It is only because I wanted to grow and learn about what God had allowed to exist in this world, of his expression. God has blessed me because he loves me and I have asked believing that he would supply all my needs according to his riches.

I find that the most meaningful times with God are when he reveals his heart to me.The secrets and mysteries about life and his awesome universe. I love God and his son who died and suffered, laying down his life for me. I expect to do no less for him and what ever man that he provides me to love and honor.

I believe God allows us to suffer in the flesh, so that we can answer his high calling. Understanding, that God lives through us as he molds us into his likeness. Only if we want his will for our lives and our obedient. Many are called but few are chosen because they do not hear. Because of the worlds confusion and clamor. Choose what you will hear!

Life unfolds like a woven tapestry of gold. A moire of human creation that is so divine. As an intricate embroidery work on a garment, each stitch supporting the other in its ultimate beauty of mankind. Thus the very life that God has created in us, was so that we could choose to love him or reject him? So patient is he with us and long suffering in waiting for us to completely turn our life over to him and finally love him with no reservation. He expects no less in us by example for commitment to one another in a covenant relationship.

It is with this understanding of God, that I am able to see what a husbandman really is. A man who prays for his wife to grow into the woman God wants her to be and nurtures and protects her as he does his own body. I thank God that he has grown me to a place that I could understand what he would like me to have and that is a Godly man. A man who loves God with all his heart and all his might and his brother as himself.

May God bless you in revealing the truth he has for your life and giving you the desires of your heart. May his face shine upon you and give you peace. The Prince of Peace. Star Shalom.
First Date
Probably find a nice quiet place by the sea or in the mountains to enjoy nature and talk about each others interests and hopes for happiness and see what happens emotionally. I do not think that individuals are a waste of time to know. Our lives are not supposed to be self serving for the great quest to find" The One." Treat your brother with respect whether you think he is the one or not. Let God decide and take enough time with someone to know them.

In my opinion, we are the body of Christ and should seek to serve him where ever we find ourselves. It is my desire to be a blessing to all generations and even on dating sites. I have received many blessings here from both brothers and sisters in Christ.
I have read many profiles both male and female and have found that many choose to love God and serve him as a son. It is encouraging to see many ordering their life in Jesus Christ. Together in God we can make a powerful difference in this world.

I must say, that we live in perilous times and that we need to understand what we actually stand for? I support Israel and my Jewish brethren. Their will never be peace in the Middle East.

As you probably already know Ishmael's seed is jealous, over what God gave Issac. The promised land is Jewish, set aside for the 12 tribes of Israel. Israel became a state in 1948 and the time clock is on.
Read the book of Romans. The story is their explaining why we were grafted as a branch into the tree of life? Do not think that you are any more important, than the tree that supports you. It is a blood covenant all the way. From lamb without blemish blood sacrifices, to Jesus. Praise God for his provision for us, as Gentiles. But never forget who blazed the trail for you.

The Jewish brethren literally carried the word of God on his back and God dwelt among them in the Arc of the Covenant.. He did everything physically so that you could understand it spiritually. Study the tabernacle friends. Its one of Gods cryptic mysteries for our worship example.
It is a joyous thing to know, that God teaches about his time clock for everything. Look at his seasons? For he that has a ear hear.

Let us not be offended by one another, but bearing one another's burdens in the love of Jesus Christ. It matters little what another does to you, but how you conduct yourself through the trial,persecution or rejection. Pray for one another lest you be tempted to judge. Being easily offended is the work of the enemy. The purpose that the enemy has, is to end relationships and divide "The Body of Christ".

What do we really love? "Lovest thou me? Feed my Sheep" John 21:16. We do follow after him, but do we abandon all to be with him personally? Do we love him more than these? Who are these? Are they relationships that have taken preference over God, that were never ordained of God anyway. Which marriage did you leave, because their was no one who understood what a covenant was?
How about standing your ground with the enemy who has already lost, but wants to make sure you are totally ineffective as a child of God? Lovest thou me Peter,Jane,Katy and Jack? Loving him, is the intimacy and the connection that we need to grow in him so that we can feed others who are starving for his love. We do not need a great ministry and more things to do. What we need is a love affair with our Messiah.

Did we entangle ourselves going back into slavery, listening to the enemys lies, because we were lonely and desired mans love over God? Abandon all and follow me, for the love you desire is only in me.

Going forward in March, I have gleaned some truth about relationship. We flounder around trying to find love and we keep wallowing in the mud with people who cannot or will not love. A person who blames you for their inability to listen or care is not interested in you. They are full of loving words in the beginning and want immediate gratification. The attitude is easy to spot. They seem to be the author and finisher of your faith and find it important to critique it.. If a person is not willing to listen or learn about you, then they are only interested in what there plan is.. So friends, if you want to talk to me as a potential women in your life, you will have to listen to what I have to say and respond. Otherwise, I will never take you seriously. You can be a Pastor and know the scriptures or be well read, but if you cannot apply it in love for me as a sister, then I will not be interested in you.

Notation: I have tried to change the age thing of 108. It was a error from the beginning and I cannot change it . So if you want to converse for awhile you will have to change your criteria to any.
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