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I hate these descriptions, they are incomplete descriptions of our personalities. I am finding it difficult to meet decent Christian women bc I just go to work and go home, I meet alot of nice people/women when I go to stores and whatever but I don't feel it's my place to hit on random girls.

I have been baptized and a Christian for 19 yrs. I am super easy going and friends are great if we are not compatible. My goals are to conquer the world, and I like to work out, sweat is fun and good for the soul. Oh and my favorite feature of a girl, is her BLUE eyes!But all eyes are beautiful lol.

Oh and on a side note I am in sales and great with business issues but can be shy at first. But I do like long talks on the phone.

Places I have lived born in Jersey raised in FL lived in Geogia for a year and graduated from university of Wisconsin Milwaukee now I am in Massachusetts

I am English Welsh Irish Scottish German and on my dad's side Syrian and Lebanese.

Things to know about me:

1 God Christ first in our lives
2 Friends first
3 Goals start my MBA in the next 5 yrs
4 I am starting my career in Logistics want to continue for the next 10 yrs
5 I do have a daughter
6 love kids and want them
7 Want to learn to surf
8 I listen to classical music to calm down
9 I am a long distance road bike rider(like running) athletes high
10 I like the snow,listening to country music and drinking a cold beer at the same time
11 I think a real man should treat his woman like a Queen
12 I love the beach but dont go as much as I want
13 to be close to family

I like to be honest and wear my heart on my sleeve doesn't seem to get me what I want , I guess it stinks to be shy

I want to have a wife and children raised in a godly home. I have a daughter named Mischa. If I wink or message you its because I see there could be a future between us.

Update 2022 December: I believe that we are very very close to the return of Christ. I see the world in a state needing His return. The CBDC s (central bank digital currencies)of this world of the nation's will in some aspect become part of the Mark of the Beast. I wish to move out of the cities into the country side in the USA. I have a daughter who I hope to protect, I still hope for a wife. I believe all Christian's will have to go through the Tribulation, I do not believe in pretribulation rapture. I dont not believe the governments on their vaccine democide rhetoric. The vaxxs are poison, and will have a component to do with the Mark of the Beast. It's not now but its fast approaching. Come with me, my Hope's are to get my daughter through this time, to the time that Christ stands on the Mount of Olives and reigns on this earth for a thousand years with His Saints and His chosen family Christian's!
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