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A Long Term Relationship
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1 or 2 on occasion
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A Broken Down Longshoreman
Trying to get myself to Heaven
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A bit about myself; I was a Longshoreman, loading and unloading cargo ships along the Boston Waterfront, living in Southie and earning me bread by the sweat of me brow, until one too many injuries provided me with a pension and a home out here in the suburbs.
I am an exile in this exile now.
I have kids (all grown and 1 in Heaven) and at last count 8 grandkids; however, they all live over in Ireland so I don't get to enjoy my granddahood:)
I'm consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and devoted to the Little Flower; St Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face.
Me thinks I should make a proper update. It's been over 2 yrs since I've written this and much has changed. For one, I slipped on some ice a couple of winters ago and really messed up my hip and leg. It was my good leg/hip too; drats! It's not healing well and the thought of more operations fill me with trepidation.
Also, I had my remaining teeth removed; thus rendering me toothless. I could get more dentures, but I'm really not a vanity type guy.
I just uploaded a brand new pic. The last couple of yrs have not been kind to me, but it's me for better or worse.
Also I feel being a Traditionalist the Church/Rome has left me and I'm seeking to go back to the basics. SSPX perhaps. If anyone out there is familiar with them please inform me for their services are rare to find.
That's about it. I'm still here in the suburbs surrounded by people I rather not be around. I had plans to return to the Philippines, or my buddy's ranch out in Wyoming. Yet the old joke still applies: we make plans and God laughs:)
Likes: books, church, listening to the Bible, my daily Rosary, (humble shout out to any fellow members of the 13th. of the month club out there)....I used to like to dance (Irish, Ballroom, even slam dancing) and music clubs was big with me. As a kid I worked the Orpheum (1979-83). I also used to frequent such illustrious venues as: the Rat, Spit, and the Underground, but now it's mostly gregorian chants for some background music as I read the classics. Ummm, it seems the more I type the more boring I find myself; thus, I should end by saying thanks for reading this, please feel free to say hi, and I pray you all find what you're looking for. Deo Gratias!:angel:
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What ever pleases the lady would be fine with me.
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