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God, Traveling, Nature, Fun, great ideals, Historical landmarks, homeostasis living, self-less-ness, adventure, laughing, Surfing, Fishing, Camping, Reading, Researching, Bike Rides, hiking, Bon Fires, recycling, healthy living, survival shows
About Me
Thank you for visiting my profile.. and I hope that you will be blessed, taught, and inspired as you read about me and a little of my life. -- hope you have some popcorn !

For starters, I'm not a typical guy in the sense, that I'm -- single (full-time) dad, w/no involvement from my son's mother. God came into my life just shortly before my son was born and supernaturally changed my life. When God came into my heart, I was transformed and born again of the spirit and I'll tell you that... It's really indescribable -- and well WOW -- now I'm just thankful to the Lord, and what he has done instead of the ways of this passing world.

Since I'm not a typical guy I decided instead of trying to impress you I'm actually going to do the opposite... I'm a sinner saved by grace and I'm prone to make mistakes but I learn from them and I grow and try never to make the same mistakes. I'm fiercely loyal to the ones I love and I defend my loved one's more than anything else. I have a heart and soul like no other and with the right person I'm loyal, kind, loving, and committed to them for life.

I want someone who is EXCITED about Jesus Christ and all He's done!! Give me someone who doesn't shy away from giving Him the praise and glory that is so rightfully due to His name!! You don't have to be a holy roller or make a spiritual reference to every single thing, but let me see the God in you! Let your beauty be found within and not on the merely outside vain appearances.

I love researching different & odd topics and learning daily. Growing in the ways of God and learning from his Holy Word. It is written that man should not eat by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from God.:yay: Not only do I like learning the Bible but I also like answering Bible questions for people, and I do so online on yahoo Q & A and hope to someday teach the word of God part-time... It's a fantastic ministry. I own and run a small business that I will do at the same time as the ministry. So I guess you can say I'm ambitious of the things of God and with life and enjoy sharing the word and love of God with others.

I would someday like to (Lord Willing) be involved doing much missionary work.......and hope that my future wife in Christ will as well!!! I desire each day to live a perfect life for Christ and hope to make Him happy always. Well more about my single life... I have been single by choice for about 6 years now so I'm ready to date or rather a courtship, but just waiting for my perfect match. I'm seeking a Proverbs 31:10 woman who Is Godly, Intellectual, Smart, Wise, funny, Godly, submissive and fearful above all else. I'm looking for a servant-minded person just as Christ came to serve not to be served, so am I.. and so must my future mate be as well... (sorry no princesses) my story isn't a fairy tale or Disneyland adventure LOL !! -- I've seen so many problems associated with that sort of mentality, and so I will choose to do without it. :goofball:

Anyways, thank u for reading my Novel -- May God bless you all, especially in finding the mate for you :prayingm:

Stimulating conversation, assertiveness, kindness, patient, being intellectual, smart, commonsensical, funny, understanding, loveable, sweet, romantic, affectionate.

Surfing, fishing, camping, swimming, wrestling, exercise, technology, computers, home audio & video, and well recently learning to cook (ha,ha) survival shows & living, natural living, healthy diet

Helping people, Futuristic architectural design, Bio-Med research concept design environmental preservation self sustainable living Investing, Researching, Camping, Green Living, Swimming, running, eating healthy, wine, classical music Christianity, The Bible, Eschatology, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Finding Solutions to problems
First Date
Well, let me find the right one then maybe we can talk about a date --

God Bless to all of you and may you find nothing but joy and happiness as you seek a meaningful realtionship, hopefully not based on outward apperances, titles, or physical stature but rather on the inner condition of the HEART and their LOVE for God!
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