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reading, movies, politics, libertarianism ,interesting one on one conversations or in a small group, thinking, theology, philosophical stuff, science, science fiction, creationism, the King James Bible, online debates, alternative media
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So it seems I ought to outline my political and theological beliefs here so...

Although I’m Canadian it seems important that I state that I am generally supportive of Donald Trump but I acknowledge that he is not perfect, nevertheless the media has told many terrible lies about this man.
In principle I am a socially conservative libertarian.

Regarding Covid, I do not believe the lockdowns and masks are doing anything other than harm and also that the Covid numbers and death counts are being exaggerated. I am also extremely skeptical about the safety of the vaccines and believe that there are
alternative ways to preserve your health.

I hold that God created the universe in six 24 hour days about 6000 years ago.

I hold that salvation is by grace through faith (that is repentance of unbelief not of sins) in the death and resurrection of Christ (who is the 2nd person of the divine Trinity) for our sins apart from our outward works, and that once you put your trust in him your salvation is eternally secure with no possibility of ever being lost.

I hold that repentance of sins and the performance of good works are not for salvation but rather they follow salvation and are necessary for the Christian to stay in or regain fellowship with the Lord and to thereby have peace and joy in his or her life, reward in the life to come and to avoid the Lord’s chastening.

While I believe that people who pray the sinners prayer are saved I do not believe anyone gets saved by praying it, the ability to sincerely say the things that are usually said while praying the sinners prayer indicates that one has already been saved by believing those things, not by the prayer itself.

I hold that God kept his promise to preserved his word with 100% accuracy in the King James version of the Bible.

I hold that God has endowed all people with freewill and that he draws all people to himself through the preaching of the gospel or through the majesty of his creation so that they might willingly seek him out and thereby discover the gospel through his guiding hand, but that he has also given all people the ability to choose to not believe in spite of the evidence that is before them.

Eschatologically I hold that the 70 weeks of Daniel 9:24-27 are all connected and that the 70th week has already been fulfilled. I also hold that all the events of Matthew 24, although alluding to certain future events (such as the future return of Christ), were fulfilled by 70 A.D. with the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple.

I believe that our bodies as Christians are the Lords temple and that we ought not to deliberately damage it in any way, except when necessary for medical purposes with the ultimate goal of healing, thus I do not agree that Christians ought to have tattoos which involve damaging the flesh. That being said if a Christian does have a tattoo or tattoos I do not claim that he or she is somehow spiritually inferior, as Christians we all have areas where we need to learn and grow and God is the judge of our spiritual maturity.

I believe that God loves all of his people who have trusted in the death and resurrection of of his Son (and also all those who have not) regardless of whether or not they have some things wrong and that we as Christians should love our brethren and be charitable in spite of our differences of belief since the Holy Spirit is working in each one of our lives in different ways, revealing his truth to us and helping us to grow in whatever ways and at whatever rates of progression that are best suited to us.

That being said I do believe in the importance of sound biblical teaching and that we should prayerfully seek it out to the best of our ability through the diligent study of scripture, which is our final authority of ultimate truth.

I don’t expect to find someone who shares all the same views as me, nor do necessarily I consider it ideal that she does in every instance, I don’t mind having my beliefs challenged a little as it helps me to sharpen my understanding, but it does help if we are in the same general ballpark since my theological beliefs are important to me.
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I think a simple walk is ideal to start things off.
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