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About me: I put God first in my life that is what Jesus taught me. I feel in my at birth, each one of us are born to gain knowledge of what was placed for self knowing selves soul. We are born to a mystery created by God, in an order of perfect so life on earth may grow to love. I believe Life is full of lessons with the center of our balance the outcome of self choices. I see each one of us as a story in the book of life written/born by/to time. In each living story there are many creatures :ok_woman: given by God in love for self soul to learn what ones heart wants for love :couplekiss:
Hmm? what else about me I know God :raising_hand: is watching the world. I believe in my heart that the only true church is in one soul and not a building one visit once a week. Don't get me wrong I love Sunday school, but your true church is in one soul always! I really love talking to God in Prayer and in thoughts. I like to write quotes and feelings, maybe I will share one or :hand_splayed: with you...maybe giggling :)
First Date
I think :no_good: The mystery of the first date, is a wonder of delight. One never knows if the person belongs in their story long term or short term. I live in the now :thumbsup: so, this leaves it open for the day of the :couplekiss: date.
One: Dinner at a nice Restaurant, and a non violent movie.
Two: I live in the :ok_woman: mountains, Hiking in the beautiful :couplekiss: woods with a backpack full of snacks and drinks, talking and getting to know each :couplekiss: other.
Three: I live down the street :thumbsup: from the west coast ocean, sitting :couplekiss: on the beach watching the sun set or rise. Enjoying :couplekiss: what God has placed for that moment.
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