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As of July 1, 2018...Retired from my position as a support-staff employee for disabled students at a large Community College.
Bible study, road trips, hiking, beach walks, food prep (natural foods & vegetarian), listening to music (contemporary Christian/Praise/Worship; 50's-80's Pop-Rock; Crooners; Classical), reading (history, biographies...), watching classic movies (TCM).
About Me
Hello...my given name is Dennis, but friends and family call me Den...I live in San Diego, California...I recently retired (on July 1, 2018)...Hallelujah!!!...

I have no children as I never had any desire to take on the overwhelming responsibility of being a parent. Still, I love kids and I have done a lot of babysitting and a lot of coaching (baseball, basketball, tennis, cycling, body surfing, swimming) over the years. *** When it comes to choosing a relationship/marriage partner for myself, please note that I am only interested in meeting ladies who (like me) have NO children (grown or otherwise). Thank you for understanding my preference...If you're interested in getting acquainted, please let me know via a message or a wink...

In many ways, San Diego is a nice place to live, but I have grown rather weary of the major congestion, the high cost of living, the extremely liberal/leftist state-government, and the hot weather (much of the year). With that in mind, it is my desire to relocate to Oregon (possibly Idaho or Utah) to a small, uncrowded town that is affordable and politically conservative...In the past few years, I have taken numerous road-trips, trying to find a safe, comfortable place to call “home”. The search goes on...

I was married once, back in 1972 when I was 21 years old. Two years later my ex began an adulterous affair with another man. Soon thereafter, our marriage ended with a biblically-sanctioned divorce (Mt 5:32, Mt 19:9),

My last relationship (4 years in length) ended in 2002. It was a long-distance relationship, and eventually we drifted apart as both of us needed to contend with care-taking responsibilities for an aging parent. ~~~ From 2002-2007, I had a couple of dates with a few different ladies. However, there was no chemistry and no relationship was pursued. I have done NO dating whatsoever since 2007 (when I was 55 years of age). Wow, that's a long time!...LOL...

Life as a senior-citizen seems to be a rather unique and sometimes frustrating-and-fragile stage of life...However, if I were to meet a lady with compatible values and interests, I would definitely want to get married again. If I were to get married again, I suppose my lifestyle interests would be quite similar to what they are as a single person. Still, I would maintain a willingness to try new and different activities.

I am definitely a follower of Christ! Although far from perfect, it is my goal to put the Lord first in all I do (Mt 6, I believe). My relationship with the Lord did not begin until 1987, at the age of 35. Prior to that, I always believed in a higher power, but I did not really understand the reality of Christianity. Once I learned about the non-biblical, historical evidence of the resurrection I became convinced that Jesus is the one true God. When I became a Believer, the Holy Spirit changed my life forever. I strive to maintain an active prayer life; I read and study the Bible along with related materials that help me grow spiritually (including apologetics); I regularly attend a non-denominational church (Calvary Chapel), trying to serve and participate in certain activities along with the local body. I also try to live my life in such a way that others may see Him shining through me. Hopefully, that will bring opportunities that allow me to possibly "plant a seed".

Even though I am now retired, my daily life is still quite full. Unfortunately, I still need to take care of my household chores (housework, yardwork, laundry, meal prep, etc), run errands, pay the never-ending bills, and exercise. The main difference is that I can take care of everything at a more leisurely pace.

Entertainment for me is found in the simple (yet satisfying) things of life. I enjoy rejuvenating playtime-activities such as...a day-trip to a pleasant outdoors spot (walking along the beach, hiking in the mountains, having a picnic at a park, strolling through a botanical garden) or some other type of interesting place (a museum, a Thomas Kinkade art gallery, a historical landmark such as the Huntington Library, a Presidential Library, etc.). I watch very little TV, but I am a big fan of “old classic” movies, the type shown on TCM. I really enjoy the way those movies present a good story with very good acting---without the in-your-face sex, drugs, and violence.

On most days, I set aside some time to listen to conservative radio talk-shows (Dennis Prager, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Larry Elder, Hugh Hewitt) as a way of staying somewhat informed about current events and politics that affect our lives.

I am devotedly attentive, I am trustworthy, and I am a good communicator. For my age group, I suppose I am still a fairly handsome guy, I am in "good, above-average" health, and I lead a somewhat active, yet uncomplicated lifestyle. If you're interested in meeting a man with those types of traits, please contact me with a message or a wink. Lord Bless Ya!


Note: my profile photos were taken in 2017 (age 65). I hope to post some current photos in the near future...
First Date
We can exchange messages for awhile to help determine if we have the potential for a healthy, well-balanced relationship. If so, then I would like our first "get-together" to be very casual - an opportunity for us to talk and get better acquainted. Ideally, we could meet for a stroll along the beach (or at a picturesque park) and maybe grab a bite to eat. Whadda ya think?
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