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I desire to be a man after God's heart. I am compassionate with a sense of humor. I am an Intercessor and a Prayer Warrior, and I am also an Encourager. I care about the deeper things of God. To heal the broken hearted and set the captives free. I am a Spiritual Leader. I am basically ministry oriented in life, not career oriented.

Looking for someone who is committed and ready for marriage - to serve God together as one team. As well as to start a Godly family one day with Jesus Christ at our center. I am looking for what God describes as a "help mate". Someone who will be able to help me in my service for God.

Ultimately, I am looking to meet someone who is equally yoked with me. Many people have asked me why I have not been married yet? Well, it can be a long explanation. But ultimately the short answer is that I have not found anybody yet that is "equally yoked" to me.

What does it mean to be "equally yoked" to me? Well, it's pretty simple actual. For starters:

1. Live for God as number 1.

2. Be willing to go anywhere in the world to serve God, if He wants us to.

3. Lord willing, desire to start a family someday as God will allow.

4. Keeping oneself healthy and not being excessively overweight (within reason of course).

So you can see, its really not too hard. It is just all in the Bible actually. So if you believe that you are a similar match in at least these 4 basic areas to start with, that is a great start and I may want to start a conversation with you! :-)

Because I am a man of prayer, I am also looking for someone who also wants to pray with me and pray for me on a regular basis. Prayer is the most important part of my life and of my ministry. And I want to pray together with my future wife.

My profession in the past has been Banking and Real Estate. But, I would lay it all down for the Lord to serve Him full time if that is what He wants me to.

Some things I like to do for fun would be a few sports or activities like golf, tennis, skiing, working out, hiking, nature, sightseeing, motorcycle, astronomy, treasure hunting / metal detecting etc. Traveling is fun, especially if it is Kingdom focused and it's with the right person. I also do projects and repairs around the house so I have lots of tools. I enjoy photography, videography, and other electronic technology based activities. For a hobby, I also design websites for small ministries. I also like learning and doing new things so I am definitely open to new experiences or interests as well.

I am also sometimes on the front lines, cutting edge ministry like prophetic street ministry, and treasure hunts etc. As well as doing inner city outreaches. I would like to take God outside of the four walls of the church and out to the people on the streets. I have been involved in Prayer Ministry and Altar Ministry in different churches and ministries in the area. I also founded an international online prayer ministry called Xstream Prayer Live. I have been to Honduras and Africa on mission trips. I sometimes attend certain Spirit filled Christian conferences when time and occasion permits. I also sometimes teach seminars at conferences teaching people how to identify and activate their spiritual gifts.

I also enjoy and play music. I play a little keyboard, guitar and bass. My musical tastes are somewhat diverse, but these days is mostly Praise and Worship. But music is always a connection point to God for me.

I have a strong affinity for the land of Israel and the Jewish roots of my faith. One of my deepest desires would be to visit Israel some day � as the Lord would allow or open the door.

I have a sense of humor and love to laugh and have clean fun. Hope you do too.

I enjoy sunsets.......

Want to learn more about the things of God? I can teach you! If you connect with me you can ask me your deep spiritual questions and I would love to share with you. (...only of course for the one who wants to take the effort to build relationship with me).

I can not see you behind this computer screen! So if you feel you may be a good match for me please send me a message or a wink and let me know who you are!

If you do not mention anything about God in your profile, then we are probably not a good match. There are probably over 50,000 ladies profiles here. And I would say about 99% of them do not talk about their love of God. So if I communicate with you, consider that the highest compliment because that means that I think you are in the top 1% of all the ladies here!

P.S. If I looked at your profile but did not send you a message, it may not necessarily have been because I was not interested in you. It could be that maybe you did not write enough details about your spiritual life in your profile so I could not determine if you would be spiritually compatible. Or maybe the reason may actually have been because of technical reasons on this website. Because if your match settings on your profile account were set a little too narrow because of age or geography and this website does not let me write to you if your match settings are set too narrow. Please be sure to change your match preference settings (age, geography) on your profile so we can communicate. Or please send me a wink or send me a short message and say "Hi" - then I can reply to your message or wink.

God Bless you.
First Date

(Especially if you happen to live in another country)

Sorry, but if you live overseas and already have children of your own, God Bless you but unfortunately we would not be a good match. But I wish you the best in your search!

COMMUNICATION - Firstly to be intentional, correspondence here from this site should pretty much escalate rather quickly leading to either talking on the phone or Video Calls as the better way to get to know someone long distance. In addition to spiritual compatibility, I am also looking for the right "personality" match. In other words, I am looking for that one person who is equally yoked with me in all areas; spiritually, emotionally, health/physical, marriage and family desires, communication styles, sense of humor etc. After the initial basic profile match here to see if there are a few matching similarities, the only way to see if we have the right personality match is to take the next step and proceed to talk in a phone conversation and video calls. As you can see I have already given very detailed information about myself here on my profile so that we can then quickly proceed to video conversations because we do not have to waste a lot of time "texting" back and forth asking the same basic general questions about myself as I have already detailed this information in my written profile here already.

As I mentioned, communication from this site should escalate very quickly to talking to each other face to face on a video calling app. So please download a free video calling app preferably either SKYPE, DUO, WHATSAPP, TELEGRAM, SIGNAL, FACEBOOK MESSENGER, IMO, LINE, VIBER, VSEE. Also you would need to have a decent WiFi internet connection so we can communicate via video calls. If you do not have good WIFI internet service for video calls I am sorry but unfortunately that would be a problem as I am not going to relegate communication with someone for a possible romantic relationship to just "text messaging" with someone if all they can do is only communicate with text messaging on their mobile phones because they do not have a good internet signal for video calls. (Or if someone thinks they are too "shy" to talk on video calls. Then you need to get healed of that fear first before you put a profile on a dating site. :). If its a matter of needing load, let me know. I will also try to work with you as best as I can in trying to connect together with each other for video calls. And there also are some video calling apps that work better in slow internet areas, and we can try some of those calling apps if necessary. But ultimately if the connection problem is that you do not have a good enough internet signal for video calls, you will need to do whatever you need to do on your end to get access to good internet service in your area for video calls. Thank you.

CHURCH ATTENDANCE OR DENOMINATION - Also, I do not care what specific church or denomination you go to, or how often you attend. As long as you are a Born Again Christian filled with the Holy Spirit and ready for commitment to marriage, and willing to go anywhere in the world to serve God with me, that is the primary quality in someone that I am looking for someone here. We can talk about any other personal details when we talk to each other on a video call.

Finally, of course it goes without saying, No picture, no response. And also one more note, please do not address me as "Brother" or "Bro" in your messages. That would be appreciated. Thank you. God Bless. :-)
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