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if ur interested in talking to me, plz Don't send a message Only saying "HI or How are u?" i wont respond.
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I haven't lived in Kc long, I moved here to be closer to family. I'm pretty much a homebody and have to admit, quite the nerd/ dork for my time on computers and video games lol I don't do clubs and haven't looked much into the area. I'm old school and not into relationship mind games. don't care to watch sports, prefer movies and a huge marvel fan. would like to find others to talk, go out and see what happens.
thanks :)

when the floods came, a man climbed on the roof to wait for God to save him...

a warning was sent that floods would come to destroy the homes in the area, a man decided he would wait for God to save him.
a neighbor came to offer to help the man leave and the man replied" I'm waiting for God to save me"
a fireman came to remove people from the homes but the man said "I'm waiting for God to save me"
floods came and covered the area.
police boat came to offer help to those left behind but still the man said "I'm waiting for God to save me"
water rose up to the roof.
a helicopter arrived and dropped a cart for the man to be carried in and the man refused and yelled "God will save me"
the man died.
then he arrived in heaven and stood before God he asked "why didn't you save me?"
God replied" I sent the warning, the neighbor, the fireman, the police and the helicopter. what more did you want?"

I believe the man wanted to see Gods own hand come down and carry him off or that angels would. what I like about this story is it applies to most things in our lives. everyone prays to God for so many things and when he gives it to them they think it should be something much more dramatic. since I'm putting this on a dating site I'll say that many people pray for their soul mates. this may not be correct but the way it was explained to me is that God doesn't make only one person for each, but he sends many possible connections that could result in a happier life at different points in time as we grow. that because he gives us free will he allows us decide which ones we think would be the best match for us. I don't think that God would just send the perfect one, in all things that would give us a perfect family with a perfect life (in some cases I guess it does apply lol :P). we all have our problems, some greater than others. God promised he wouldn't give us more than we could handle, this would strengthen us and make us better. I'm sure that God would send us someone that would love us through everything, with all of our imperfections and help us with along in our walk with God.
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if you want to know what I'm like on a date then you will just have to go out with me and see :P oh and chivalry is not dead :))
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