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Hi there. Do you have what it takes to be a FRIEND FIRST to a Christian sister who is suffering with underlying medical conditions and who needs a friend? More about that later.

I Only found God in 2019 (It wasn’t overnight), at the age of 43. I guess you can say I’ve had a VERY hard life (since a very abusive childhood. Doctors feel The immense stress of daily physical and emotional abuse and severe bullying, at a very young age is what made my entire body complexly malfunction physically by age 12.

So I turned away from God, figuring either He didn’t exist or He was mean to let bad things happen. I even considered myself an atheist for most of my adult life: But then I had a miraculous change of heart in 2019. I was very sick and it dawned on me to pray not just for my health but for a relationship with God. That seemed to help at the time. So my faith seems stronger now, but God has not seen fit yet to give me a miracle for my serious health issues.

Perhaps he can see the bigger picture that I cannot and he has an even better plan for me in the long run. So for now I endure each difficult day, fighting one day at a time, one hour at a time, to try to rehabilitate myself- eating healthier, TRYING to do very light exercise- although it’s not easy-
I’m making a little bit of progress:

I’ve been single since 2006, For 14 years without a single date, and even without friends due to my underlying medical comditions. Not one date from age 29 to 43- and also friends tend to disappear when you are going through hard times. Boy do I get lonely. That may never change.

My ex husband divorced me because he wanted a healthy woman who could bear a child and I couldn’t. Since then I have not found one man willing to get to know me as a friend first. I was on the non-Christian dating sites and the men on there only wanted one thing, and so I just declined that and found no one for friendship, companionship, or love.

I lived in my vehicle for 4 months in the spring of 2020- because my health prevented me from working. Now I finally have housing.

I can’t have kids due being past child bearing age and my serious health problems (Is rather talk about that over video chat not text, if you are curious- cause it’s far too complicated to type). Maybe I’ll add it in later.

I accept that I'm not much of a catch, due to my health problems, so I have learned to only HOPE to make more friends, not to hope for love.

** I must admit that with my health problems I am very worried about COVID and am using even more precaution then most people are- and would only be open to meeting in person after getting to know you through video chats and seeing if you are also like minded with regard to being very careful about this pandemic. I just cannot risk my health declining further with my underlying cardiac issues.

If you have any interest in starting as friends and online video chats only until we make Meaningful progress on this pandemic, then feel free to write back. I must admit that I am very lonely and would really benefit from having more friends.

I am a good, compassionate listener, and give great advice. Somehow I manage to scrape by working part time on the telephone, as a “life coach” and trying to help others with their problems. I just barely make enough money to support myself.

I’m happy to offer a kind, compassionate ear, and my best advice (only if you want it), and a nice God-centered video call, sharing encouraging scriptures.

Thanks for reading. May the love and blessings of God be with you.
First Date
I prefer brief video chats (Facebook works- or facetime), and then eventually getting together face to face (typing or texting and even regular phone calls don’t really give me the same sense of socialization that helps feed my soul).

After the pandemic is under control, and it feels right for people to resume socializing, Lets grab a coffee/tea, or a light bite to eat in my area, since I can’t drive far.
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