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Gender Female
Country United States
City Alexandria
State Virginia  
Height 5'10"
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Age 37
Eye Color Brown
Body Type Slender  
Hair Color Brown
Ethnicity African American
Denomination Non-Denominational
Looking For A Marriage Partner  
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Church Raised In Pentecostal  
Do you drink? No  
Smoker No  
Willing to relocate? Sure, why not
Marital Status Single  
Do you have children? No  
Do you want children? Want Children  
Education Level Ph.D./Doctorate
My Profession Attorney  
Baking, mild hiking, writing, walking, pseudo outdoorsy activities, puzzles
About Me
***Note: Please do not contact me and ask to exchange personal information, like phone numbers or email or more pictures, in your first or second message. Lol. I have come to understand that the scammers on this site (especially the ones who have created multiple profiles or delete their old account and create a new one with a new user name) often push to chat offline very quickly. If you are too tired to start the early portion of our communication by messaging through this site, then please do not contact me.***

Hi there! Thank you for reading my profile. If you are a marriage-minded man who has the appropriate amount of time to commit to pursuing a rather awesome young lady, then read 😀

I am a reverent young lady who wants to be joined to a reverent man, one who is NOT pretentious, perfect, stuffy, or filled with religiosity (not a real word but you know what I mean ☺). Reverent just means having respect for sacred things and trying to do what He's commanded us to do, knowing that we are only saved by His grace. I am far from perfect, but I try my best to keep the Lord's command. I want a husband who is doing his best to fulfill God's will, too. Someone who excuses sin because of the Cross is not for all, lol. Stephen is more my type than David, though both had the Lord's grace. The man for me is he who is filled with the Holy Ghost and has called upon His holy name, reverently.

I am not one to play with people's feelings, and I am not looking for the guy who is "fresh to death" and has immeasurable swag, lol. I am too laid back and not really interested in those types of guys. I am just a loveable goof with a servant's heart. 😀 Also, I do not believe in canoodling before marriage and would like to meet someone who understands you can have fun without the canoodle factor. I am funny, relatively athletic, and very laid back. I enjoy some outdoorsy activities, doing puzzles, reading, writing, and baking. I don't go out to bars/clubs and wouldn't be compatible with a man who drinks and/or smokes. I don't hang out with the "cool kids," either; I keep to myself, mostly. However, for the right man, my personality and interests might just be a lot of fun. So, if you like kind and quiet with a hint of goofiness, then I might be a fit for you.

Let's see...Oh, I do speak my mind but always try to do so in love and with tact. I want a husband who speaks the truth in love and says what needs to be said, reverently. Communication is very important in a marriage - 1 Corinthians 13 says it all.

Right now, I still haven't found a good church. Too many have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. Wolves masquerading as pastors, women leading when they don't have the Lord's grace to do so, and celebrating pagan holidays are just a few of the things going on in many churches now. Let's not even talk about the lust that is raging from the pulpit to the pew. So for now, I do my best to study Scripture on my own. But I do hope to find a church home.

I look forward to my role as a wife and mother and desire to have a very close relationship with my husband. I want a husband who wants to cleave to me as I cling to him. So, the guy for me is not a man who consistently puts friends and/or family before me. That's not to say that we can't have other friends, but relationship with God is first and the relationship between us is second.

I also envision an enjoyable marriage that is filled with peace and grace. We need to be sober-minded, but that does not mean stuffy or pretentious. Kingdom sobriety allows for cool things, like awesome praise in the home, prayer, board games, and giggle fests, just to name a few.

Finally, I would like a husband who understands submission: the Lord the is head of the husband and hubby is the head of the wife. The husband and wife are supposed to submit themselves one to another in the Lord. If a husband tries to lead his wife and children without the Lord's grace, making decisions based on his own intellect and desires, the marriage will fail. God does not follow any man. God is supposed to be the head of the home. That is how a husband leads, not from pride or self will.

I will be a good wife to a reverent, marriage-minded man. So, if that's you, feel free to message me. Thanks! 😀

Take care.
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