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Hi. I am not interested in lazy people who are not interested to care enough to read everything I wrote in my profile. Yes it's mighty long, but it describes me. My dreams. What I want and don't want. Btw, must be able to dance to Despacito with me :) and please contact me only on Facebook. Messages here gets automatically deleted after 30 days or so. And I don't get time to look and reply to many messages if any on here as it says clearly says Facebook (to added friends)... So sorry if I take a long time to reply etc... and noone who looks old enough to be my dad. Prefers younger ppl as I have a baby face and older ppl has nothing in common with me etc... and must love children as I want a baby girl and baby boy with my Prince one day soon after becoming best friends and getting married)

I'm honest, romantic, sweet, kind, caring, funny, knows how to truly love etc. I have (been told) a beautiful heart and I will be the best friend, partner in crime, and the best lover you will ever find. I will be your soul mate. One day, I pray 'The One' God created for me will come find me when he's ready. If I ever fall in love again, he will be my best friend first. If I give you my heart, you are the only man in this world for me. I will never lie to you, hurt you or betray you. I will love only you till you no longer want me or death do us part unless you lie and cheat on me etc as that frees me. You will never find someone who will love you more or treat you better than me. My love is the truest love you will ever find. More than any woman on Earth and more than any woman in any romantic books or movies. -I would give my life in a heartbeat for the one my heart loves. And if you ever think I would ever lie to you or do anything to hurt you etc... then you are a nog cause I would die before ever doing so. I want someone to love with all my heart, mind, body and soul. I just wanna be truly loved for once in my life in return before I die. I want someone to one day love me enough to never abandon me when they get mad when things stuff up as they do stuff up a lot with me. -Someone patient and understanding. I want someone who will never need or want to look elsewhere or cheat on me. I want him to love me so much for what's in my heart that he can't imagine life without me (as I will love him so much that I won't be able to imagine life without him either) Love me enough to go down on one knee and ask me to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him and have his beautiful children. I want to get married to the man of my dreams and have a daughter and maybe son with him before time stops for me. -I just want someone to laugh and cry with. -Someone to if I want, talk to till the sun comes up. I want someone to spend my life with doing things we both love. I want someone to walk hand in hand with, someone to hug and kiss... -Someone to sit cuddled up with watching movies we both enjoy or the waves rolling in at the beach. -Someone to have candlelight dinners with. Someone to dance with, our bodies entwined together, swaying to the beat of the music... -Someone to explore the world with... to have adventures with... Someone to play online games with so I can try to whup their... you know lol. -Someone who always keep his promises as breaking a promise is the same as lying. -Someone to devour and make wild passionate love to every day and night. -Someone to fall asleep next to every night and wake up next to every morning for all eternity. I just want my Prince to truly love, please, satisfy and make happy every single day and night for the rest of our lives. I just want one day for someone to love me as much as I love him and have beautiful children with him. -That would complete my life.

Only looking for good friends at the moment though (Pref Christians and non smokers 28-48 but I love all) -To talk to and hang out with doing things we both enjoy etc. Not looking to hook up or have sex. (-Saving myself for my Prince one day... but if I ever fall in love again, he will be my best friend first) Don't annoy me if you are a playa with like 7 accounts and just want oral, sex/cam sex etc. -I am not a prositute. I want people to love me for what's in my heart, not how I look. I'm not into superficial, materialistic people. -The best things in life are free. Don't care if you are rich or poor. If you wanna be a real friend, please add me as a friend on my FB. I only talk to my friends who add me and only on there. -No other sites. Please don't send me a message if you don't like me enough to add me as a friend on your real FB account. I won't talk to or add anyone with no pics or posts in their profile as they are hiding who they are. I only want true real friends who wants to share their lives with me. -No secrets. -No lies... -No BS. And those who always tell me the honest truth 24/7 and if we become good friends can meet up and do things together but I will NEVER let a guy drive by just so he can check me out. I want true friends who want to be my friend cause of what's in my heart not cause they like what they see. -It takes longer than a drive by to say hi to get to know someone...

My dream besides marrying my Prince, having his children, be a complete family and living happily ever after is to build a company that will help people in need. -The less fortunate. I want my Prince who share the same dreams as me to help others. I wanna build a company that helps ppl. Was thinking some third world country like South America. I wanna build orphanages also and help unwanted children find parents who will truly love them. I have been alone most my life. -Used and abused in every form possible and left feeling unloved and unwanted so I know how much it hurts. And I never want anyone to ever feel the pain I felt... :'( I wanna help feed the starving, house the homeless, train them and help them find jobs. I wanna give every poor village clean running water. Build houses, schools, hospitals, training and arts centres, etc... for them. I wanna heal the world a little at a time. If we all loved one another and all helped the less fortunate, the world would be a much happier place and poverty would cease to exist. I want to be the best Christian I can be. Someday be with the one God has prepared for me, we'll get married and live the Ever After story :) -I only want true friends at the moment. If you wanna be real friends, please add me as a friend on FB so we can get to know each other there. -I don't like chatting on here or any other sites. But please do not message me unless you add me as a friend on FB first. I want true friends not fake ones. And with no expectations. Thanks. My ID is same as my one here.
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A nice little lunch or dinner, where can sit, eat and talk and get to know each other.
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