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Just so i am upfront from the start, Ia not looking to date. I am looking to meet new people. I am quite shy, quiet and are keen to meet new people who also desire to follow Christ. Please ask if you want to know anything. I cannot associate with anyone that is willing to use the lord's name in vain in any context, even if you are not saying it negatively. So if you do this, I'm sorry but I can't speak with you. I want more than anything to learn from other Christians, so if you think you can challenge me, or teach me something about our Lord, I would love to hear from you! I really just want to have spiritual friendship and fellowship with like minded people, and christian debate if anyone is up for it! I believed I was saved around 8 years ago but are now going through a challenging phase in my spiritual journey and so are not really sure where i stand in Christ.

My main earthly passion is sailing. I love it as I have grown up with water and love nothing more than to be on the sea, it is my 2nd home. I love football, and support Tottenham. I also love to go exploring, hiking, camping and travelling. I would really like to be around someone who also likes to be active as its another really important part of my life after Christianity.

Since i set up this profile i believe i have backsliden in my faith, even though i want nothing more than to be reconciled to God, at present i am so far from him. If you would be willing to pray for me, or offer me advice on how to return, i would very much appreciate any help anyone can offer me! Thank you friends
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