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My interests include religion, philosophy, music, film, reading, prayer, fitness, and talking to nice people. I am excited at the thought of God possibly calling me to be a husband and father, and I believe it is a tremendous honor to serve God in that way. My awe for the great gift of life compels me to want to bring children into the world and show them the joy that there is in loving God. Family is very important to me. I am a goal oriented person who takes his vocation to holiness seriously. I set high standards for myself, which manifests itself in everything I do. Whether it is the things I say, buy, or do for enjoyment, I vow that it always be holy and pleasing to God.

I am introverted, but I can be outgoing when I need to be. My personalist type is INFP, and my temperament is melancholic/phlegmatic. Those who know me best would probably describe me as reflective and sensitive.

My Ideal Match:

I am looking for a spouse who strives for greater holiness and has a commitment to and understanding of marriage as a permanent union ordered to the well-being of the spouses and the bearing and raising of children. She must be kind, patient, warm, gentle, caring, thoughtful, humble, and compassionate. My future spouse would be my best friend that I can laugh as well as have serious conversations with. I plan on saving my next kiss to be with the woman I am going to marry, so I need someone who will respect that. I am looking for someone with zeal for praying as a family every day and going to church throughout the week. I want her to love God more than she loves me as I lay down my life for her and lead her closer to Christ. My ideal wife would be in love with the idea of having kids and raising them to be believers. She has to be a principled woman of integrity who will help teach our children the importance of growing in virtue. I tend to enjoy quiet evenings at home, so it would be good if she too enjoys a quiet evening of watching TV or a movie together. She must embrace modesty and have a love for Christ and His teachings. I know I have placed a lot of difficult criteria for my future spouse. However, I believe that my future children should have a mother who they can imitate as a means to becoming more Godly individuals. I find it valuable that I'm with someone I deeply respect. I want to love my future spouse the way that a husband should love his wife; the way a woman deserves to be loved.

Note: I ask that my future spouse be open to having any future kids we may have raised Catholic.

My Family Background:

I'm from two parents who blessed me with a loving upbringing where I was affirmed
and cared for. My earliest memories are continuously being told that I would always be
loved no matter what. Any arguments that took place involved the mutual
understanding that it was more important to make sure the other person felt valued
than to "win" the dispute. I would hope to bring that same promotion of human dignity
to my own household.

My Faith:

My Faith means everything to me. It means accepting the Lord's marriage proposal to my soul by completely consecrating myself to Him.

"The sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing-... to find the place where all the beauty came from-" - Til We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis
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