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Spirituality, Volunteering, Water, Travel, Outdoors, Culture, Reading, Relaxing, Culinary Delights, History; Enjoy the finer things in life as well as the simple, variety of interests with exception of sports. I never stop learning. I mean, why would you?
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Before messaging me, please carefully read my profile. There are relevant essentials so as not to misuse anyone's invested time or hurt anyone's heart (1) If we are not on the same page theologically (2) if you do not care for my personality temperament (3) if you are not serious about intentional dating to determine if we are a match (4) if you have yet to discover it you want/are ready for a relationship/marriage (5) if you are not spiritually mature (6) If you are not a spiritual leader/protector (7) if you are not interested in growing together emotionally and spiritually; and celebrating/supporting each other's gifts, please refrain from contacting me.


Thank you for visiting. My interest is in a Godly man that knows how to love and desires to make a marriage work. When two people make each other the priority as God teaches, the rest of the world falls into place. A man with God at the center of his heart is the guy for me. Can you meet people where they are, no matter their walk of life? My hope is for someone that periodically will enjoy participating in some form of ministry with me; such as leading a home Bible study, service activities or general acts of grace and kindness - you get the picture - I need a man with a servants heart and one that is thankful for everyday blessings.

This lady is waiting for my gentleman spiritual leader who is smart, interesting, fun and will always protect me. A non-career minded professional career woman, social introvert, goofball at heart, romantic, intellect with a few special talents/gifts. One of those rare individuals that can run into a wall, cannot remember where my keys are, lost in space without navigation. In other words a bit off balance. However, if we were lost in a forest, I would be the one to find our way out. I am creative, sensitive, empathetic, as well as serious. Would love to relax in the company of a special person with whom I am comfortable. God blessed me with exposure to the best of the world's offerings and also confirmed that my happiness is found in the simple pleasures of life ; watching a good movie, reading or enjoying the outdoors, inspiring music, museums, culture, history, research etc. Supportive people such as family, loved ones and good friends are important to me and play a substantial role in my well-being.

In some seasons, God moves me out of ministry and dispatches others to minister to me. As a life-long learner, my interests are varied. How joyful it would be for me to participate together with someone in activities that are of mutual interest. My personality is balanced and one in need of down time to recharge from an often hectic life. This includes a peaceful, relaxed and flexible environment with limited anxiety producing stimuli. I seek a balanced life, yet at the same time, a life that is agile and sensitive to God's leading. " Out of this World" is the journey of God's "Great Adventure!" Would love to share it with someone special.

Note: In these days, many people are spiritually blinded. I have run across Christians that do not believe in the inerrancy or authority of the Bible as God's Word. Instead they view it as a resource to their spiritual life; Others subscribe to dangerous progressive emergent church theology which includes among many things ancient formation of spiritual disciplines stemming from the Catholic Church and Eastern Religion practices. These practices filtered into the church back in 75 AD. and was really bad in 400 AD. Look up Gnosticism. If you are one of these Christians or if you practice Yoga, or otherwise believe that one can participate in the modern day brewing and deceptive concoction that supplements Christianity with any form of Eastern Religious practices PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME. I am aware of and do not subscribe to modern day false teachings that are hostile toward God's Word and seek to twist and devise a new form of liberal Christianity. I am a balanced person, not a fundamentalist, a legalist or a Pharisee; I believe in the Trinity - God the Father, Jesus Christ the Risen Son/Lord and the Holy Spirit plus the spiritual gifts and the Bible as God's Word. I am also not into Christianity as an institution. However, realize the need to worship and participate in fellowship with the Body of Christ where God plants me; can participate in a variety of protestant churches.

Deuteronomy 4:2 “You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take anything from it”(also Deuteronomy 12:32).
What right does anyone have to teach what is not in Scripture? False teachers do not want to submit to its original intent, so they do not seek what Scripture actually (exegesis) means. Instead, they conform it to what they want it to mean (isogesis). They will look to another source as their authority because they are not under God’s authority. This is why Paul admonishes us in 1 Corinthians 4:6: “not to think beyond what is written”. Pride makes one participate in false doctrine which makes him spiritually destructive to himself and others who listen to him.

Interests: great music, beach, water, laughter, reading, writing, researching, relaxing, hiking, boating, travel, dogs, people, church, sitting by a warm hearth in a cabin or ski lodge sipping hot chocolate, relishing in the sheer delight of hearing a concert pianist playing a composition just for me, dog watching is one of the most joyous things in the world, walking and observing painted cloud formations, conversation, silence, spiritual, the physical reaction of laughter, laughter, laughter... Please be able to make me laugh. Can you laugh at yourself? If not, I will do the for you. Do you sing in the shower?

Below is a general sense of my personality.

Meyers Brigg - INFP and INFJ - How I take in information - Sensing + Intuitive are tied; Decision Making - Thinking + Feeling are ties; Life Style - Judging + Perception are tied. People think that I am an extrovert because I converse with people. However, I do better with one-one conversations and in small group settings. Since I connect through emotion, I need time to process, think things through and down-time. On the other end of the spectrum as a big picture contemplator, I can lose the majority of the detail, be spontaneous, not sweat the small stuff and be flexible and agile. I love to have fun, but life is challenging enough. If there drama in your life, I am not the person for you.

My profile may sound a bit complex and perhaps even a bit harsh to those that do not understand it. Rest assured, I simply need a foundationally solid and balanced Christian man who is a spiritual leader/protector. May God bless and connect each of you to the special person that He has for you.
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