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Unimpassioned, no siento nada
Gender Female
Country United States
City north central
State Florida  
Height 5'10"
Last Login Date e.g. Apr 10, 2016
Age 57
Eye Color Green
Body Type Average  
Hair Color Mixed Color
Ethnicity Mixed Race
Denomination Non-demon Non-Liar Non-Hater
Looking For Anything  
Church Name none
Church Attendance No answer  
Church Raised In No answer  
Do you drink? No  
Smoker No  
Willing to relocate? Sure, why not
Marital Status Divorced  
Do you have children? No  
Do you want children? Undecided/Open  
Education Level Some College
My Profession rather not say  
no tengo interesa en nada, nadian, y menos por mi. Que bueno! jaja. odio la vida, para siempre.
About Me
To people who are absolutely, clueless, witless, thoughtless, brainless, careless, wreckless and restless in life, let me assure you that you will never hear your 4 legged varmint say ''Rrello! whatcha doin? Mama! Move it! Quit It! I want it! Cracker!" Guess your 4 legged pet, can laff huh? nope! I'm sure your gato will never let a big Roar out when you say 'big lion'. But I am Positive when I say 'Where's my Big Eagle'? I will NEVER see Argus spread his wings up, to show me that he's just as big and bad as an Eagle is! I havent heard him laff, speak, since his wing was broke. I constantly hear him let out this high pitched scream, for he is in pain. And since then, the only time I've heard the sweet sound of wings in flight, was my own imagination, for Argus will never be able to do that again. HAHAHA! RIGHT?! LOL!! When Argus' wing broke, to compare it to his good wing, the good wing has about 3 inches connected to Argus' body. The broken wing has about 1 1/2 inches, maybe a bit more, where it was nearly ripped off his body. I know that birds can die from this stress, and if he's suffering, I pray he dies. Since you think its so funny, so is this, to me:
Give it time, your pet will build up such a big hair ball, you'll think the things gonna choke to death tryin' to hack it up, in front of you! Yep, it will and will you know what to do about it? Nah, not you! You were my biggest mistake on this site. Wont happen again. lol. That's truly hilarious!!! Got fleas? lmbo!!! Argus doesnt, never will have 'em! lol

Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, well every where is war. There's a War! And until there's no longer 1st class or 2nd class citizens of any nation, until the color of man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes. Which lives matter? Jesus decided that over 2000 years ago, All lives matter! If you even mention a color, ie: black or white, no thanks!

If you ''wink'' as me, I'll know you're just another scammer and as happy as I am to do so, I WILL Report you! :)

Get this profile deleted, I'm Still ahead of you. haha!!! bye devil! Thank YOU JESUS!!!
First Date
In the time that You gave me did I give all I could give? Did I love all I could love? Did I live all I could live? Was my faith in Your grace strong enough to save me? Did I do all I could do in the time that You gave me?
In the time that You gave me, did I face the devil down? Did I make him turn away every time I stood my ground? If today is the day You should decide to take me? Did I do all I could do in the time that You gave me?
Oh and I'll never know till it's over, I want to FLY on your shoulders. I might have strayed from the path, I might have gone a little crazy. I like to think I did You proud in the time that You gave me!
As the hour glass empties, no it wont even phase me! If I did all I could do in the time that YOU GAVE ME!
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