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A Few Extra Pounds
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Salt n Pepper
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The Village Chapel
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Every week
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1 or 2 on occasion
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No way
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Yes but not living at home
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4 Yr College Degree
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Financial Services
Conversation, reading, playing games with friends and family, and spending time near water. I am a big time music lover, too! I play it, sing it, listen to it and even sometimes write it.
About Me
I like to talk, think, laugh, play board games, hang out, go on adventures, laugh some more, listen to music or play some music, sit outside and gaze at the stars, love my friends well, dream big, accomplish much, make grass angels, be a fountain of fresh water to those I meet, and sleep like a baby.

A few things you just need to know:
I have two beautiful, funny, talented, brilliant and fascinating kids (Girl 20, Boy16). I love them to the moon and back infinity times.
I was born, raised and live in a little town called Nashville Tennessee. After 52 years, I probably won't be moving away.
I have a gi-normous extended family, most of whom live in/around Nashville. 90 gather every year at Christmas, and we eat big, laugh a lot, have a talent show, and celebrate together.
I boldly proclaim God as my Creator, Jesus as my Savior, and the Spirit as my breath. I worship with a non-denomination church and often play in the worship band. Which leads me to...
I am a musician. I grew up as a drummer, learned a little piano and guitar, and have played upright bass semi-professionally for the past 29 years with a bluegrass, hillbilly, honkeytonk and old-country band. I sing, too. And "no", it's not my job. You're welcome.
I am a geek. Board games, card games, family games, Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies, books and TV, and even the occasion comic book.
I am old-fashioned. I hold doors, pay for dates, prefer to drive, say "Yes Ma'am", "No-Ma'am", "Please" and "Thank you". I expect kids to do the same.
I don't watch many R-rated movies (too much cussing), and I don't like horror (happy in, happy out).
I don't smoke - unless you count the occasional cigar. That's not really smoking, is it?
I love the water: being on it, drinking it, looking at it and bathing in it. I come alive pontooning, sailing, chilling on a deck overlooking the water at sunset, or standing under a waterfall.
I don't actually enjoy the taste of alcohol. No, really. If and when I drink, it's hard cider or girl drinks. My beverages of choice, are fruit tea or ice-cold diet A&W root beer. (I KNOW - DELICIOUS!!!)
I am not a workaholic. I do not live to work; I work to live. I enjoy providing for my family, but I enjoy spending time with my family even more. I strike a healthy, holy balance.
I don't hunt, but I do believe a man should own a gun to protect his family (unless his Kung-Fu is strong - and mine is not).
I actually like myself. Sure I need improvement. That's what life is all about.
I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. So many ideas, so little time...
I know I resemble Shoney's Big Boy, but I'm working on that! At least I have a full, think head of hair, right? RIGHT!?!
I am most attracted to cute, adorable, funny, personable, effervescent, youthful, genuine girls who smile effortlessly and often.
I won't continue to date a woman I couldn't see myself marrying. I really enjoy being married. I'm definitely NOT in a rush to re-marry, but eventually I hope to.- this time to someone who appreciates me for who I am. That'll be nice!
Vegans, Divas and Atheists need not apply (bless their hearts).

I know what you're thinking, and I ALSO wonder why I'm not in a relationship! What?! Am I too freakin' awesome? Too humble? Too masculine? Too fascinating? Too verbose? Perhaps. I'm still waiting on God to answer that one for me...
: )
First Date
A nice semi casual restaurant with great atmosphere where we can enjoy a meal together and concentrate on high quality conversation.
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