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Hello, my name is Brian and I am 47 I am originally from upstate New York but I've lived in New Mexico for 20 years. I am a Christian I do not smoke I do not do drugs. I am a honest hard-working person I am dedicated and motivated. I'm a self-employed handyman with a real lot of skill and experience. But I don't want to be loved for those things which I can do but for the person that I am. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and his word. I was raised in a city but I've always been a lover of the country and the mountains and the forest. I love hiking and fishing and camping and staying active both mentally and physically. I could probably live without a TV but I do like to watch National Geographic, Animal Planet, and I do like action / adventure movies, drama, and comedies. I like watching funny YouTube videos. I also like watching YouTube to learn new things, even though I can do a real lot of things, if I don't know how to do something I just go to YouTube and then I understand. I get up early in the morning and I eat healthy breakfast. everyday I have a fruit and vegtable smoothie . I am looking for someone between 35 and 50 years old that is a honest person that likes to spend a lot of time outdoors and likes to take hikes and absorb the beauty of nature. I am looking for a friend. I believe in taking things slow.
I don't like when women make themselves look fake and do things to their body to alter the way it looks like wearing a lot of makeup, excessive jewelery, have body piercings, ect. ( earrings okay)

if you were raised in the country or on a farm, or on a ranch or in the mountains that's a plus but not necessary. I like when women are naturally affectionate and come up and give me an unsolicited hug or any little thing to show love. I like when woman sees a man working hard and come give him a glass of water or iced tea and give him a hug and say, honey thank you for helping me with this or thank you for taking care of this. That's what I would do. I love that. I love to sit around the campfire and talk about God and his word and sing songs and give testimonies and encourage people and help people to become better people. I am a very optimistic person and I wake up each day being happy that there's another day and I'm ready to take on the day. I I'm looking for someone that would be the same way, I love life, optimistic, positive, motivated, loving and caring but not intimidated and can be bold. I love people who just say it like it is and are not afraid of what somebody else thinks because what they're saying is right and not just an opinion. I like a person that's not only honest with me but honest with themselves and know themselves. I like a peraon that's willing to work together with someone to achieve a goal no matter what it is as long as they both agree.
I don't mind when people complain or state something they're disappointed about but I like when it's followed by a solution so that someone like me can do something about it because I always want to help and to make things better and to fix things and make things right. I'm looking for someone who'is easy going, down to earth, likes to learn new things and gets along well with most people because I know you can't please everyone. someone that loves herself for not what they look like but for what they are on the inside and recognize that it's God that put it there. I think it would be really great to go in a canoeing sometime, I have a canoe

I am a real man with old fasioned values that is looking for a real woman.

God bless you. Hope to talk to you soon
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