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Yahweh, Yeshua, Holy Spirit, winning souls and loving people, building a life long marriage, traveling, developing a self sustainable community, and living like in the book of Acts, music, arts and crafts, going to festivals and gatherings ("soul-searchi
About Me
First off, I am 36 years old... I am not sure why my profile says I was born in '88... I was born in '82.
I love Yeshua (Jesus) The Christ and have given my life to Him in servitude and honor of Yahweh, Our Father in Heaven.
I have a little dog, named Frodo, who goes everywhere with me. I have been to 32 countries, mostly on mission trips, have been to 30+ states, continue to travel, but am no longer able to continue traveling to the same degree, without a partner. It is not good for man to be alone, so I m praying for a woman... and putting myself out there.
I m compassionate, honest and truthful, God-fearing, growing in humility, wise, renewing my mind, and transforming my spirit, in Christ. I m unconditionally loving to almost all people, but I still struggle with forgiving vile actions, in the moment, and sometimes let my tongue get the better of me, but I always try to speak life into everyone. I m patient, especially with family and lost souls. Kindness and generosity r second nature for me. This, however, means that I have generally lived far below my means and don't have material comforts in my life. I, personally, would prefer to adopt and not bring new life into this time of the last few generations on Earth, but I'm always open to having kids with the woman that God brings to me in life.
All in all, I realize I m asking God for a lot, when I seek the woman I seek, but I long for a bride, who is willing to give her life for Christ, the moment He asks for it, but I also want a trippy-hippie, free-spirited, groovy-nifty, road-dawgin', raver-chicky, who is down to elope, leave home, and run after Christ with me, charging the enemy headlong into some of the darkest spiritual battlefields of America and some of the brightest sanctuaries of God's blessing and protection. I want a woman who will always love Christ in me more than she loves me, as I will with her. I dream of a beautiful (inside and out) woman, who will abandon materialism for the raw and rugged ministry life... who will discard social norms... a woman who will be overcome with dancing and weeping as praise to God, disregarding shame and public opinion... a woman who will throw off the yoke of slavery to this world's law, sin, and standard, giving into the Law of Love that Christ gave us... a woman who will hug strangers with me, be stinky and dirty with me as we go into the unclean places of the world, hug stinky dirty people, feed the hungry (spiritually and physically), go to music festivals, hippie gatherings, and onto the streets, in the ghetto... a woman who will go where the spirit of Babylon and the spirit of anti-Christ is heavy, so we can free souls who r desperate for Love and Truth, by introducing them to Christ.
So, r there any beautiful young women, who, both, love Yeshua and r as hippie as Heaven?
First Date
I believe that understanding comes through revelation of the Holy Spirit. So to be True to who Yahweh has made me as a new creation in Yeshua the Christ, for a first date I would want to get enough picnic food for 24 hours, meet at a coffee/tea place, hang out, talk, drink, and get the small talk out of the way... if the vibe is good, then from there I would suggest a park, for a picnic, deeper conversation and testimony sharing. Then if the vibes r still strong I would suggest a 1-2 hour power nap, then drive up a mountain, where the sunrise would be able to be seen at the Earth's crest. There, we set out a picnic blanket, sleeping bag, hammock, build a little fire, and spend the night breaking down each other's walls, getting into the ugly of each other's souls, learning personal stuff, and plucking heart strings, and doing lots of praying, meditating, and asking the Holy Spirit for guidance between us. Watch the sunrise, together, cuddling in the morning cold although Holy Spirit tends to keep the environment warmer than the natural atmosphere that's around. Finally, if we r not convinced at this time, that God brought us together for marriage, then that date's a wrap... if, however Yahweh tells both of us that we r to be married, the rest of the next morning will be spent eating the rest of the picnic food, then laying around on a mountain top, sleeping until we naturally wake up. Then , after awaking, we would go to the court house, get a marriage license, go home and pack for the first place God will lead us, meet back up, tell our loved ones what has happened, and leave old lives behind for a new life with each other in Christ, thus making our first date actually be our first and last and every date in between. If the plan is God's, then we should be all down for eloping, but if it's not, then why keep dating and blindly hoping?
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