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"Looking For" question - when I finally secure a job, I'll change it from "A Friend" to "A Marriage Partner". 💑

Community & State fairs, audio-visual arts (video recording of Christ-centered testimonies, nature photography), outdoors (camping, fishing, hiking, biking), music (guitar, learning piano), physical fitness & dieting, spontaneous joy ride, fruit picking, Bible studies & obedience, clean humor, humor, and more humor 😆 Sex (but only after marriage pls. 1 night (or day) stands aren't allowed).

Update 04/07/21 - Right after Passover (Jesus shed His blood), Feast of Unleavened Bread (the sinless Lamb buried), the Feast of 1st Fruits (Christ defeated death; He has Risen)...I rededicated my life to Christ, rebaptized at Seal Beach, CA where the Holy Spirit put His Seal on me! It was during the TLR event. Here's what happened b4, during and after baptism:


Describing myself is hard but allow me to borrow lyrics from Jason Gray's song "Good to be Alive" (not sure when to return it 😲). It describes my thoughts and feelings:

Hold on
Is this really the life I'm living?
'Cause I don't feel like I deserve it
Every day that I wake, every breath that I take you've given
So right here, right now
While the sun is shining down
I wanna live like there's no tomorrow
Love like I'm on borrowed time
It's good to be alive, yeah

Hold on
If the life that we've been given
Is made beautiful in the living
And the joy that we get brings joy to the heart of the giver
Then right here, right now
This is the song I'm singing out

I wanna live like there's no tomorrow
Love like I'm on borrowed time
It's good to be alive

I won't take it for granted
I won't waste another second
All I want is to give you
A life well lived, to say "thank you"

I wanna live like there's no tomorrow
Love like I'm on borrowed time
It's good to be, it's good to be alive
I wanna live like there's no tomorrow
Love like I'm on borrowed time

It's good to be alive
I won't take it for granted
I won't waste another second
All I want is to give you
A life well lived, to say "thank you"


Grew up overseas so I'm multicultural. Meaning that I have a different perspective from hardship and pain point of view. What is considered an inconvenience here in America is a huge blessing where I grew up. For example, the "toilet seat up or down" conflict in American homes is non-issue. Instead, if a family has a toilet inside the house, we would fall down on our knees thanking God for it. For then, we didn't need to blindly stumble out in the dark at night to the outhouse in the rain and hoping not to get robbed or killed by an intruder.

More examples: we don't complain about the weather rain or shine. The entire chicken is eaten - nothing is wasted. Moral values are part of the culture. Good is called good while evil is called evil (not so in America).

Denomination question: No other option available. I'm NOT non-denominational. I don't like labels bcuz we (only created beings) can never assign God or faith a label. I think that's arrogance. I'm just a generic follower who obeys His commands. No point of listening to great sermons and endless Bible studies if I'm not jamesing (James 1:22)..."But be doers...not hearers only..."

2 non-negotiable pillars: The Great Commandment & The Great Commission.

Faith is a lifestyle (not Sat or Sun only); I hope it is yours as well. My heart's desire is to dive into full-time evangelism. Exercise the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit whether on the streets, at the mall, schools or anywhere to seek and save the lost. Are you a follower of Christ actually walking (doing) in obedience (Luke 10) or just a believer attending church services with endless sermons? As you already know, believing is different from relationship. The former is merely head knowledge whereas the latter is obedience. Which one are you?

Are you willing to step out of the comfort zone(s) to be the hands, feet and heart of Jesus to the widows, orphans, poor and the broken-hearted?

I adore the Jews and pray for the peace of the holy land. Hebrew language gives me goosebumps. 🇳🇮 Hoping to join a guided tour with a church group to visit Israel one day. That would be my most memorable experience! Hoping to meet a MESSIANIC believer (but that's not a requirement - as long as you're sold out to Jesus the soon returning King!).

"Church attendance" question: I'm outside this traditional box. Yes I'm aware of the verse that encourage assembling with other believers and we should often but westernized Christianity has settled for less. Faith is dynamic; and not just blah blah blah but with POWER! (1 Cor. 4:20); not just sitting inside 4 walls of a building. We, yes WE are the church (humans - not buildings) wherever we go.

So whether I eat or drink, or whatever I do, I do it for the glory of God (paraphrased; 1 Cor. 10:31; also Col. 3:17; Col. 3:23).

Please no drama!!! Life is too short; there are billions of people suffering. We must dedicate ourselves to be part of the solution with compassion to bring hope and healing to the broken-hearted

Myers-Briggs personality test: ENFJ-A (INFJ-A 02/06/21) 😎

Military veteran. My VA home loan still unused. 🏡
First Date
Somewhere that's comfortable to both and where I feel safe 😌 Maybe attending a church service; go to a Christian concert or comedy; volunteer feeding the poor; share the good news with the unsaved; or visit a hospital to pray for the sick. Creative and fun suggestions are always good.
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