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A Marriage Partner
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Calvary of the Siskiyous
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Every week
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1 or 2 on occasion
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Possibly, who knows
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Welder metal fabricator
Bible studies, volunteer work, Welding , metal fabrication, movies, video games, some board games, philosophical debate​s, learning, crafts, family, music, what God puts at my hands to do...... Honestly there isn't​ much I don't/can't find some intere
About Me
I'm first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ. For those who want to know or are into psychology; My personality type it's INTJ however my traits for N vs S and J vs P are close to center so I can fit into other types as well. I have interests in most things and tend to be more adaptable than anything else thus I am not the best at anything really but I'm ok at a number of things. politically I'm more conservative in preference. In economics I prefer capitalism. For me a relationship is to start with agape (God's Love)
Now I don't seek a worldly relationship I seek a Godly relationship, and all that it entails. No one is perfect, this includes me and I never can be. If one comments one sin they are guilty of all and only the blood of Jesus can wash that clean. To this end Perfect isn't what I seek, this I have in Christ. What I seek is one who is also seeking what is perfect through Christ, all other thing will follow. Also know that that my intent is as placed but i want to take time to make a strong relationship as well so I'm not rushing anything, tho keep in mind am I not going to tarry about needlessly I seek my wife. Lastly there is a reason why wanting children is marked as undecided, is thus, it's something that must be discussed I do want children but there is more implications than that, and that could be a problem for some.
First Date
It would start at church then possibly dinner, a cup of coffee, a walk in a park, a hike or what ever happens to be available to do at the time, and/or what ever you might prefer to do. I'm adaptable. Just prefer something not theater related where we can't talk. Can't get to know each other if we can't say anything.
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