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About Me
People that have known me my whole life will tell you that I never lie to anyone... ever. Even if I don't particularly like a person, I still will never lie to them. I may choose not to answer a question, but if I do answer, it will be the truth.

I have alot of geeky interests (documentaries, retro animation, sci-fi, fantasy, comics etc...) but I've also spent years training in martial arts, horsemanship, some fencing, some ice hockey and other non-geeky things. I virtually never go a single day without playing some sort of game. Board game, RPG, card game, video game... or whatever... I love games with a passion. I've invented many and have even published one and hope to publish many more.

I tend to have very eclectic friends. I tend to be rarely offended by anyone unless they are being offensive on purpose or if they lie to me. I never use foul language, but I don't mind if my friends do. I never drink alcohol, but I don't mind if my friends do. I try to be sensitive to the desires and needs of others while still being my own man and never bowing to peer pressure.

My friends all know that they can be truthful with me without fearing my reaction.

I'm told that I'm very even tempered. My emotions are as intense as anybody else's, but I'm usually quite excellent at acting on my thoughts rather than my feelings. I tend to have a calm demeanor, however I do love to laugh. I take great pleasure in using my sense of humour to make others laugh. I'm told that I'm great in a crisis. People constantly ask me for advice. This is something to which I take as both a great compliment and a tremendous responsibility.

I try to see thing's as they are while recognizing and striving for how great they could be and realizing and preparing for how bad they can be.

My Christian faith is the core of my being. Also, I'm active in a non-denominational protestant church. I am a very deeply spiritual person and am ideally looking for someone with whom I might potentially share at least some spiritual common ground. However, that being said, I also feel that everyone is on their own spiritual road and I don't believe in judging others or interfering with their own spirituality.

I'm looking for a woman with whom I can develop a powerful spiritual bond, direct emotional connection, intense physical attraction, and shared common interests.
First Date
I suppose we'd likely come to a mutual agreement on that during an online chat. (I have Skype. It's free and works great.)

By the way, when it comes to this website, I never contact a women unless she contacts me first. So if you are curious, please feel free to go ahead and send me a message, (even if it's only a simple hello) especially if I have already found you and placed you on my favorites list. :)
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