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Theology, family, friends, tennis and good food.
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It takes me a little time to open myself to new people but sometimes I meet someone who I really click with and I feel like I know that person for ages. I tend to go to small groups rather than large crowds. But it is OK, I enjoy seeing and interacting with large groups. I am quite most of the time but also I can be very dynamic, usually when I am doing something that I like to do or that I am enjoying.

My faith in Christ is a gift that I have received from God. It means everything to me and God is in every aspect of my life.
Every decision, from opening an account in this site to the most relevant decisions I want Him to be involved on it.
I was born in a Christian family, however my life became dependable in His Grace, Holiness and Mercy in the last 5 years. To the point that God has me and I can not live, breath, move without Him.
My personal relationship with the Lord is the most precious treasure.
The whole Bible is the Word of God. I do not believe that the Bible should accomodate to what science tells (Nasa, the system, or any other movement, goverment or religion tells)

What the world calls "conservative" and "traditional," I simply call biblical. I believe in complementary roles in marriage. I believe in male headship. I believe there are two genders, male and female. I believe "marriage" is defined by God, as the union of male and female. I also believe that sex is a gift from God, only to be enjoyed in the context of marriage. (These issues are important to me and to God, so it seemed wise to go ahead and be open about where I stand, spiritually and theologically)

Ive never been married but I had a beautiful daughter. She is 4 and same than other children, she is a blessing. I love children and in Gods time and will, I would love to have many :)
I am looking for a partner, no for a mother to my daughter. She has a great mother already.
First Date
In a first metting, probably talk :)
I am looking for a real Christian girl. Someone who is solid in her believes and has her priorities in her relationship with God. A woman that is looking for a partner and family.
Age, I would prefer a girl who is younger than me.
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