SCAMMERS, LEAVE !!! Want right compatible NON-shy lady as my best friend, then wife. SCAMMERS, LEAVE

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BIBLE, CHRISTianity, Mandarin Chinese, languages, playing piano, jeet kune do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, aikido, judo, studying chess, being rich enough to tithe thousands, mentally & mutually physically pleasing my future wife, sex often daily in marriage
About Me
Hello my possible future princess.

UPDATE TO MY UPDATE: ( Friday, May 29, 2020 )

PLEASE DO NOT WINK OR MESSAGE ME IF YOU DON’T READ MY PROFILE FIRST. I NEVER wink or message ladies until AFTER I first read their profile !
Thank you for your cooperation.

Yay ! I have my Pilates-Egoscue class back ! 3 days a week and it is super duper ! Unfortunately, though, my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teacher had too many students that wanted their money back ( EYE am not one of them. ) and there are not enough students that want to continue. So he told us we can go elsewhere to continue and I love my new place ! I have 9 of the new classes a week now !!! They consist of a number of things that all contribute to MMA. So all together now I have TWELVE classes a week.

Due to the so-called "Coronavirus" scare, I have NO classes until my 2 teachers are allowed to have classes again. I am not changing my profile to reflect that because I believe this will be over in Utah and in May, 2020 we will be able to have classes again.

If we want to be with each other, I want to hold you in my arms, not just look at each other. I live alone in a place that only allows me to be gone or to have guests for 2 weeks or less. I do Pilates and Egoscue 3 times a week that, not only strengthens my immune system, gives me more energy, endurance, and stamina, but reverses the aging process !!! I also do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 4 times a week and my 3rd degree black belt teacher ( having done enough to be a 5th degree black belt, but refuses to get promoted higher ) said I have more energy than some guys in their 20s !!! So I am an older man in a younger man's body aiming toward marriage someday, but nowhere in the near future ultimately unless I can stay happily single like Apostle Paul.
But my sexual drive is way too high and my desire to mentally and to physically please you is great.
So I probably need to get married someday in the future because the BIBLE says ( paraphrased ) " It is better to marry than to burn ( with desire ) ". Although, I don't drink alcoholic drinks, I don't mind if you do as long as you don't drive while tipsy or drunk and you don't stumble around needing me to catch you or slur your words. That happened to my father's female friend toward me many years ago. Not a pretty sight.
Thank you.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Please keep in mind that I am 70 years old, although I am incessantly being mistaken for someone in their 50s to early 60s. So if your age restriction goes as high as 69 or as low as 71, and you wink at me or you send me a message, they will NOT let me wink or message you back. I canNOT send messages to those of you that are winking or sending me messages that put that age restriction in your profiles. You would have to change your restriction to receive my replies.
Thank you for understanding and GOD bless you.

I live alone with my pet digital piano. I turn her on and then she turns me on with the music I play tickling her plastic ivories. I performed NON-professionally the famous “Claire de Lune” by Claude Debussy blindfolded with a black bandana over my eyes in November, 2017. I had the largest standing ovulation I ever had ! ( For you foreigners, that was a pun. The real word is “ovation”, but I LOVE to make puns. So if you are oPUN to hearing them, please let me know. They work well in “America’s Got Gallant “ ( Talent ) . If you don’t care for puns, then let me know that too so that I won’t PUNish you with my punny jokes. ) Anyway, I believe I now can play “Claire de Lune” on the piano blindfolded better than I could play it looking in September, 2017 !!!

I'm looking WORLDWIDE to find a best friend to eventually become my wife. If you are not scamming me and you write to me, I WILL answer. Ladies want to know if I have any children and their ages. So I am happy to say that it's so cool that my only child, a son of 36 years, calls me to wish me a happy birthday, sometimes for advice, and wishes me a Happy Father's Day every year from San Jose, California. Yesterday, February 26, 2020, he just turned 36 and I, in turn, wished him a happy birthday in Japanese, although my Mandarin Chinese is far better than my Japanese in speaking, understand, reading, and writing. I'm hoping to meet a nice CHRISTian lady that has some similar interests that I do.

You show me where in the BIBLE it says that if an 18 year old lady and a 90 year old man are both in love with each other and obey the true GOD in 3 the way CHRIST wants us to, that they cannot marry each other. I asked a CHRISTian friend of mine who told me that even in Jewish history, a man was to marry a girl who was 17 or 18 years old !!! So, to me, age 18 or over doesn't matter and I also try to adhere to the 2nd half of I Samuel 16:7 unlike 99.9% of the rest of the earth, it appears. I've lived in 5 countries in 3 continents and people are this way all over the entire earth. But my sexual drive is way too high. So I might need to get married to a lady in the future whose sexual drive is equally high or preferably higher.

A happily married couple in my local Calvary Chapel church met each other through a singles dating site for CHRISTians. The husband was living in one state while the wife was living in another. They both now live happily ever after right here in St. George, Utah. The wife had been praying for 2 years to find the right man who would accept her physical disability. Then she found him on a singles dating site for CHRISTians. They emailed each other for 7 weeks and then talked to each other over the phone before they decided to meet. They discussed how they wanted to be physical with each other as a married couple instead of actually became physical before they got married. They are in love with each other in the kind of marriage I've dreamed of having all my life. They are SO attached to the hip that when one's nose itches, the other says "Achoo !" They even work in the same company ! I told the husband ( The wife was not in ear shot of us because she went into the bookstore portion of our church. ) that my struggling-to-repent vice is the same as hers was before she became saved. ( She admitted to me in front of him a few months ago that she was living with a guy for a few years some time before she was saved & discovered her present husband. ) That vice is my desire to satisfy my and my partner’s physical needs outside of marriage. So her husband said that I needed to meet a lady who had a similar problem so that we both can pray for each other and support each other. That appears to make sense because if I dated a lady that did NOT have this vice, she might think something was seriously wrong with me instead of forgive my obsession. After all, look at what King David went through and even Apostle Paul said he was the chief of sinners !!! So that is the reason I am in a few dating sites.

I am a single, UNattached, available, fully-blooded Chinese man born and raised in the United States. I am looking WORLDWIDE in several languages ( I am a cunning linguist if you understand the pun and I am good at that too. At least I have been told so. ) for the right compatible non-cult, born-again CHRISTian lady to become my best friend and then eventually my wife. I am far from perfect, especially in the sexual realm, but I only accept for myself the fundamental concepts of what is offered by the CHRISTian Satellite Network known as csnradio that I listen to 7 days a week . ) If you hate foreign languages, listening to me play classical and easy listening piano music on the piano and on the computer, listening to Christian radio and television pastors, doing business on the phone, watching your future husband speak to strangers ( men and ladies ) with ease, mixed martial arts, watching TV, allowing me to be physically and mentally intimate with you all the time as my future wife, you probably would not like being with me. I would want to make passionate mutually satisfying love several times every day with my future wife, but at LEAST two times a week.
GOD bless you through GOD JESUS our LORD,
First Date
I have to look at any of my other single dating site profiles and copy and paste its content and put it here. For a first date, after having talked extensively hearing each other's voices by phone or Google hangout, etc., we would meet at a public place and drink and/or eat something going Dutch to avoid sexual expectations or you may pay for it if we both would like a second date and then I will pay for the 2nd date which would give you hope that there WILL be a second date.

Although I feel strongly about politics, I don't mind what you believe as long as you don't stuff your opposing beliefs down my throat. My father was a Republican and my mother was a Democrat. Yet I never heard them argue about politics. I'm willing amicably to discuss differences with you with NO shouting matches. Democrats see JESUS as a help the poor, open the borders to allow the helpless in, thou shalt not kill with guns man while Republicans see JESUS as a work or you do not eat, thou shalt not murder unborn babies, close the borders to lessen child trafficking and drug sales, eye-for-an-eye defending oneself with guns is necessary man. Both better realize that HE was, is, and always will be GOD and was NOT created by the HEAVENLY FATHER ,
( ( John 1:1 with John 1:14, Genesis 1:26, John 14: 16-17, and more ) and neither was the HOLY GHOST or HOLY SPIRIT and that all 3 make up the GODhead, ( Genesis 1:26 ) ) and are 3 distinct persons that communicate with each other . So there is GOD the FATHER, GOD the SON JESUS, and GOD the HOLY GHOST or HOLY SPIRIT. I listen to the CHRISTian Satellite Network radio station 7 days a week including now while I am typing this. THAT is what I believe in. If you have questions, listen to it at the equivalent of 4pm Mountain time , United States time every Monday to Friday and, because it is live, adjust it to your time. It is even worldwide. So I listened to it in Germany and Hungary last year in 2019.
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