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Hi ladies.. in describing who I am I realized how nice it might be to be 25 or so at this point. I say this because there would be so much less to write. When you consider writing things about oneself it is easy to say all the nice things and then not say anything about possible negative things. But, I can not tell you what you might see as negative. I will try to be fair and as open as I can to give you a few clues.
Here are some things I excel at: Conversing, listening, offering ideas to help solve problems if I am asked. Good mind, somewhat scientific, inventive, very musically gifted. I believe God has blessed me with multiple talents and I try to grow them a little here and a little there to give him back something when he judges me on that day. While humble for the most part I am fairly well educated. Worn many hats and I seek an easy going kind agreeable woman to be with in the final part of this episode. I have physical ailments and I imagine you too have something as well. I am a special man and I believe that I deserve a special woman. I do not celebrate pagan customs and certain customs that are very readily accepted. We all have that right to see things as we see them but we will need to be on the same page as far as beliefs are concerned or it won't work in the long run. I am not here to change you I am here to find someone like me but female.
For some it will be difficult to understand that I do not celebrate the holidays that most believe are religious. It is not my purpose to find a wife and force her to believe what I believe. I am looking for someone that understands and believes what I do. This may prove to be very difficult. My beliefs are that I do NOT celebrate Christmas or Easter or good Friday. Nor do I believe in Halloween or lent. If you understand me then please write me and we can talk and see. This is important enough to me to write it here for your understanding. I will not compromise on these beliefs and if yours are different then we are a poor match and I hope that you find the right man for your life to be happy. Waiting to hear from you wherever you are .....
First Date
Something simple and quiet so we can talk without 10,000 ..."sorry, could you say that again" so no ....noisy place. Coffee, lunch maybe.. we will put that together...together.
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