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About Me
I never know how to start these things so I guess I’ll begin with He who alone is worthy. Jesus is the reigning King and His Kingdom is here, now, in our midst. My life is dedicated to increasing the fame of Jesus, and serving Him towards the expansion of His Kingdom. As a sinner, saved by Grace of course, I constantly fail Him, but I am so thankful for God’s Grace and Mercy. I’m so thankful that He has taken my Stoney heart, and turned it into one of flesh, and that He is causing me to walk more and more in His statutes.

Not to give the whole testimony (you’ll have to ask for that personally 😉), but suffice it to say, I never had a moment that I could point back to and say “that’s the moment I was saved”. It was a slow fade for me, but one say I just realized that I took everything I read in the Bible as objectively true. From a childhood of abandonment and homelessness, it’s not hard to believe I grew up angry, which led to my rebelling hardcore and even dabbling into the occult during my teens (somehow still calling myself a Christian). But through a series of events, the shepherd had left the 99 to find the 1, and carried me back to His flock. One of those times, a friend of mine challenged me on a biblical tradition of mine at the time (for fun, mind you), and when I couldn’t get my views to come outta scripture, I freaked out and went through a two year depression where I did nothing other than search the Bible for answers. I ghosted just about everyone during that time, and when I came out of that, I had realized and accepted that all my Biblical traditions I had grown up with, save one of them, were completely incorrect. Ever since I’ve been challenging my traditions and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my Biblical study (I HIGHLY recommend it).

In fact studying the Bible in one way or another has become somewhat of an addiction for me. And the vast majority of time, that’s where my conversations lead into. There’s nothing else I would rather talk about! I also put a huge emphasis on the importance of Theology. In fact, I think it’s rather silly when people say “you don’t need to know theology or doctrine, you just need to have faith”. And look I’m all about Salvation by Grace through Faith alone (Ephesians 2 all day, e’ry day), but how does one know what/Who to have faith in, if one does not know what to believe!? Theology matters, as, if you have the wrong Christ, you have a Christ that cannot save you...... so yeah I take it pretty seriously! 😂 I’m not going to school (yet), but on my own I’m studying Theology Proper, Christology, pneumatology, soteriology, hamartiology, eschatology, ecclesiology, Hebrew, Greek, apologetics hermeneutics, philosophy, epistemology, ontology, anthropology, metaphysics........ aaaand I think I’m missing something..... Oh well.

In the past, when I was going through my rebellion, I was really into studying world religions to try to find truth somewhere. I’ve read The Qur’an, the Book of Mormon (along with Pearl Of Great Price, and Doctrines And Covenants) , the Norse Pros Edda, the Greek Theogony, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Pyramid Texts, and even the Hindu Vedas (didn’t finish the Upanishads). I’ve studied Buddhism, Shinto, Santeria, Voodoo, the New Age and the list goes on. None of those other world views were internally consistent, but God’s word stands alone as being completely consistent through itself. And that means something. From all my studies, denominationally speaking, I’m a reformed Baptist. As for the doctrines I hold to, I’m pretty firm on Trinitarianism, Calvinism, Covenantal Theology, Partial-Preterism, Postmillennialism, and Conditionalism. I’m an Old-Earth Theist, and though I reject universalism, I do think I have enough Scriptural backing to expect that most of humanity will be saved by the end of human history. Not all. But most. Yes I am aware that I am in the vast minority of Christendom here 😅. Again feel free to ask or challenge. I’m ready for it!

Now I am definitely a romantic. Perhaps even a hopeless one. I’ve put a lot of thought into married/family life, what I am looking for in a bride, and who I need to be in order to be worthy of her. Earlier I mentioned what my life’s mission was, being dedicated to increasing the fame of Jesus, and serving Him towards the expansion of His Kingdom. In order for me to get on that knee, I need to know that my bride will want to be by my side in all things (and stay by my side even when she doesn’t want to for that matter), and have my life mission become our family mission (of course I would do the same for her life mission if she has identified one). I own a business that I am building outside of my employment, and ultimately I am going to get it to the point where it replaces my job income, so I wouldn’t have to spend a 10 hour divorce from my wife everyday, and watch our kids grow up in picture frames. I could retire myself from employment, my bride, all 4 of our parents as well. We can simply be a full time family. And full time servants of the King, along with our children, as we would certainly raise them to know Him, serve Him, and to do the same with the next generation, teaching them to do the same.

I want my bride to be my partner in crime in ALL things. And I’m working to build that type of lifestyle for us. I also want a lot of kids and have a huge heart for adoption, so I would need to know that my lady is down to adopt as well. The woman I’ll choose to be my bride doesn’t necessarily need to have put in the study I have already, but at least show a desire to know God as He is, and a willingness to challenge their tradition. I would want my Bride to trust me that I would lead her in studying the Scriptures well, and teach her rightly. I believe it is my role as her husband to prepare her for eternity, to meet King Jesus face to face, and I take that responsibility very seriously. As I do the rest on my responsibilities as (future) husband and father. I want her to be my best friend. My personal cheerleader. My comfort and healing place when I need her to be. I want to have her close to me, with her arms wrapped around my neck after a hard days work. To just cuddle and bask in each other. We should always be able to make each other laugh, and take comfort, pride, and joy in each other. I wanna chase my wife around the house, and just maybe she’ll let me catch her 😁 I personally am the type to not necessarily care about needing space from my significant other. When we marry, 2 persons are becoming one being, recognized by God. All of me will belong to her, and all of her will belong to me, and I expect us to live that way! I intend on pursuing my bride even more after the wedding than before, as her station I my life will have risen to the utmost position someone other than Jesus can have in my life and value system. I’ll serve her as provider, protector, mentor and leader. And I’ll push my self to serve her more each day than I did the day before. Because she will be my wife. And she will be worth at least that. She’ll never have to worry about me making her the butt of the joke or embarrassing her. I am highly bothered by it whenever I see men treating their wives as a joke or a burden in any capacity. My bride will only be edified by me. And her and I will be on the same team when it comes to our children. She’ll never have to worry about me telling the kids “yes” just to be liked when she has told them “no”. My bride and I are the core of our family and team. And our children will be very aware of that. Our unity will be a strong pillar in our house keeping the roof up.

I’m a healthy blend of laid back and intense. When I go for something, I go hard. But I also don’t tend to see a lot of value in what the rest of our society does, or get worked up by it. God is sovereign, and all things work out for the good of those who love Him, so when things look rough I tend to trust that and keep a level head to move forward. I’m not really into sports, but recently fitness has become important to me as I want to be pleasing to my bride (if I’m not there yet when we meet just be patient for me, I’ll get there 😉). Whenever I’m with a group of friends we’re always or having great deep conversations, mostly because I tend to lead convos in that direction 😅. I love to laugh and make people laugh! And I’m pretty decent at it too. Almost considered a future in comedy even. I love to sing, and I’m pretty good at that. And I also love to draw, and I’mmmmm not so great at that haha. Ultimately I just love people and want to be around them, and serve them, and brighten their day. I just wanna hug people and tell them how loved they are and tell them all about Jesus. I love to have friendly debates, mainly with other Christians, but also to the cults and atheists. I love science, and politics, and usually never short on fun things to talk about. I love to read, watch movies, worship, and fellowship. I love nature so I like to request the nature trails around me or just sit out at night and look up at the stars. I’m really easy to talk to and transparent. I don’t get uncomfortable or embarrassed very easily so I’m pretty good with taboo topics , and I’m usually a good sport about pranks, jokes and such. I’m rather forgiving, empathetic, and I don’t hold on to the memories of offense from people I love, as I don’t want to hold on to any grudges that may prevent me from serving them to the utmost. I feel deeply but I don’t let emotions put a leash on me. Rather I put the leash on my emotions, as I think emotional maturity is important. And I don’t really know what else to say about myself, but you are so more than welcome to message me to ask about or even challenge me on anything In this bio. I don’t get easily offended or upset, and usually enjoy getting challenged on my views anyway. Otherwise, I just love people and love talking to other Image-Bearers, hearing their/your stories, encouraging and loving on you all. 😁

Oh and just in case, my love languages in order are:

- Physical touch
- Words of affirmation
- Quality time
- Acts of service
- Gift Giving

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I’ll figure that out as we message each other. I’ll cater the date to make it memorable.
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