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Spending family time, ice skating, learning trades, good christian movies, boating, camping,,
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Ive spent my life meeting the wrong men, im looking for a christian gentlemen. Im looking for my soulmate. The one i spend the rest of my life with. Im a helpmate and i enjoy helping with trades such as home improvements. Tile, sheetrock, paint, flooring ect. It would be nice to find someone who is into this line of work, but if not, thats ok.
The man i date and marry must uphold christian values, many say they believe but few act like true christians. The bible was written for a reason, its to be followed. Dont claim to be a christian and then ignore Gods word.

Im going to add to all not looking to waste any mans time and im not looking for him go waste my time either. Im sure what i write will leave out alot of men but thats okay, i only need one good christian man. Im not looking to attract a bunch of men to respond. I am very honest, with that being said, my passion is being a helpmate. I am looking for either a business partner with whom i can apply my strengths, skills and knowledge to grow in a business together and have a christ centered relationship. If i cant have that then my other dream would be meet a missionary or pastor that i can work beside him helping others. As said i am a helpmate, my passion is to compliment the man i am with in his abilities. In my last marriage i helped start a flooring business, he had alot of talent, so i learned how to do measures, estimates, and even how to do flooring work, i did marketing, invoicing and i was even his personal go fer. I didnt mind it though. I picked up all materials including customers supplies. .so im looking for a man to be his helpmate. He must also be a gentleman, and kindly open my door as i am a lady. I do not believe in divorce, however my last marriage ended ugly because christ was not at the center and i ended up physically harmed. I am looking for one to spend the rest of my life with, i would like to meet a man who wants to have a child with me as i want one child to raise up in a home where its not broken by divorce. My parents have been married 46 years, and even though ill not see that. I would like at least a 30 yr marriage or until my life ends.

If your into porn or any sick demented things then dont waste my time, please. If you dont want children then dont contact me either. I have a zero tolerance for emotional, physical or sexual abuse. If you call people names in an arguement then please dont reply to me,
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Dinner and a movie. Im pretty simple
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