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Every  year at Christmas or Thanksgiving I try to volunteer at a soup kitchen.
Or hand out leftovers from a large family meal to less fortunate people in my neighborhood..
About 4 years ago I was alone at Christmas and I wanted to do something for the lord, so I found a soup kitchen to volunteer at.
What an experience that was for me. Now I try to do it every year, no matter where I live. I've now done this across Canada.
I find myself alone again last year for Christmas. I found a local church and spent the 23, 24,& 25Dec. volunteering.

Something different happened this time around.. You see at the end of the soup kitchen event every year, the uneaten food gets thrown out..
I could no longer witness this..
I loaded up the car with leftover food and drove..
Driving around Lloydminster a few times. The hope of my good deed was starting to fade..
I was looking for any homeless, lost, or cold individual so I could turn their day around. Make someones Christmas better for them..
As I'm talking to our lord, explaining to him. I just won't feel right being stuck with the responsibility of throwing out all this food..

I see out of the corner of my eye someone bundled up, from the pelting snow, walking up the road..
I pulled over and asked.. Are you hungry..?
Yes he replies, I'm on the way to the soup kitchen for a meal...
It's closed I said, I just came from there..
Here man I've got something for ya, opened the passenger door and gave him a box of leftovers, but as I'm talking to him I find out, him and his two roommates are just out of work and have no food..

At the soup kitchen I was volunteering for, I found that someone had come to drop food off food and didn't get there on time or it wasn't open or something.. So they had thrown all the donated food in the dumpster out back..

So I drove Cody home, and told him I'll be by tomorrow morning, I've got something else for him..
I picked Cody up at 10:30 that morning, and we both went dumpster-diving..
We filled the back seat and trunk of my car with food...
His cupboards are full and him and his roommates don't have to worry about food for the next little while...
The Lords msg that I passed to Cody was...
The food didn't come from me..
When your in a case of need and truly down and out.. The Lord will see this and will make your reality change in a second. Just have faith..

That was just a little insight of how I live, or try to...

I enjoy long walks, sunsets and cooking.. I'm a movie buff and a gym geek.. I love the cabin life, & the more secluded it is, the better.. I have a large heart that's full of love and compassion, and I'm tired of being alone.. are you out there..?
That's me in a nutshell..
First Date
I have learned over the years, what you see on the surface of people is not what you get as character..
 I would like to fall in love with my best friend, a woman of integrity and value.. A beautiful woman, more on the inside then out.. A woman that's not centred around what she looks like on the surface. Can walk by a mirror and not stop to admirer her self.. A woman can be stunning, walk into a room and drop jaws.. But if she's empty inside, she has no favour from me..
A woman of God with a moral back bone. That stands by her man no matter what life brings. Is a woman of value, with Corinthians 13: 4-8 as her heart filled compass..
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