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Gospel of Jesus Christ, Natural Medicine, Gardening, Livestock, Video Gaming, Acoustic Music, Dogs, Geo-Politics, Government, Sociology, Class-Warfare, Public-Banking, Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Dieting, DIY Disease Reversal, Chemistry,
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I'm a potential healer, but I think we all are. "Alternative medicine," seeks to heal the poor and the rich alike, and doesn't discriminate. It cannot. Lifestyle and dietary changes are at least half the battle against any disease, and even a pauper in the US can afford healthy choices if they know where to look. Herbal medicines can be purchased for cheap without a prescription, God forbid anyone should ever be forced to go to an MD or Pharmacist for medicine. God gave us these healing plants with the purpose that we use them to heal ourselves and our animal friends. NOT for the purpose of isolating & patenting the active compounds within the plant to glean profits.

I have an 8 year old daughter! She's my best friend.

I love animals and music, organic foods, and discussing fringe science/military technology. Dabbling into esoteric knowledge and the occult are a few of my hobbies. Studying the Essene around the ages of Jesus Christ has been quite interesting and rewarding. I'm recently interested in new research coming out now about water and its anomalous properties. H302 they say.. hmm...

The Sumerian Tablets seem to paint a different picture of society here on Earth, and about the origin of Human species, at least different than what we are taught in most schools. But it seems to coincide mostly with the texts of the Bible! Including the existence of giants, and the arrival of the Annunaki on Earth, (or the Angels 'fallen from Heaven.') The true origin of our species is of great interest to me, and I hope it will be to you too!

Increase/stimulate neuro-generation/neuron pathway synthesis (AKA: get smarter!): Lion's mane, Polyphenols, Intermittent Fasting, Decaf-Coffee, (or coffee if you must), psilocybin, deep-sleep, exercise, meaningful sex, EMF elimination from the body, well rounded diet,

Please do not contact me if the following subjects seem interesting to you: Professional Sports, The Mall/Uptown, Luxury Automobiles, Celebrity Gossip, Television
First Date
If she likes to sing, then we Karaoke. If she likes animals, we take some dogs out for adventure! If she's a gamer, then we go to an internet cafe. If she's a Karate Master, then we engage in hand to hand combat at the local gym/dojo. If she likes organic foods, we go to farmer's market. If she likes hiking, we find a trail and hike it! If she's into science, then we get out the CRISPR kits and work on modifying a fungus to remove aluminum/mercury from the soil. If she doesn't like any of that, then she should look for another date. Also, if she could teach me to fish/hunt....
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