My Name Is Ninja, I'm In Search Of A Wife To Serve GOD With!

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Nature, Walking, Hiking, Bicycling, Bass Fishing, Tea, Nutrition, Natural Health, Natural Lifestyle, Natural Medicine, Organic Food, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Ginger Root, Organic Gardening, Fedora Hats, The 1930s, Full Beards, Fresh Air, Sunflowers,
About Me
And then he turned to her and said...
"I can't do anything about your past but what I can do is something about your future. All I ask is that you genuinely give me a chance and not throw in the towel before we both get to experience something special. I've been hurt before too, so I can understand your reservations about hopping back out there and entertaining someone new all over again. I can't promise you that we won't have disagreements. I can't promise you that I will be perfect but what I can promise you is effort. I can promise you a smile today while I work on your smile for tomorrow. I can promise you mental growth and great conversations. I can promise you a listening ear whenever you need one. I can promise you my undivided attention. I can promise you support and protection. When you are in my presence, I just want you to feel completely comfortable. I'm not in a hurry to rush you into giving me all of you. I'm patient enough to wait on the power of your love at its highest level without any restrictions."

My Name Is Ninja (I've Had That Nickname Since I Was 21), First Let Me Say I'm Straight Up Country (Not Country Redneck Because I Am Not A Racist Like Rednecks Are, I'm Country Hillbilly, I Grew Up In The Country But Now I Reside In A Small Rural Town Of A Population Of 7,002).

I Like Naturopathic (Natural) Health And I Study, Research And Teach About It, I Love All Things Tea (I'm A Tea Aficionado), I'm A Full Beard Advocate, I Like To Go Fishing For Largemouth Bass (Also Called Black Bass), I Like 100% Organic Gardening.

I Like To Go Walking, Hiking And Bike Riding, I Like Nature When It's Not Too Hot Or Cold Outside. I Like Animal's (Rodent's Such As Mice And Rat's Are My Favorite's But I Also Like Dog's And Cat's Also), I Like To Take Photos.

My Music Taste's Consist Of Southern Rap Music (I Listen To Many Type's/Genre's Of Music But I Listen To Country Rap Tune's Such As U.G.K., 8Ball & MJG And Slim Thug More Often Than Other Type's/Genre's And Or Artist's, But Southern Rap Is A Big Part Of My Everyday Life), 90's And Early 2000's Alternative Music, Swing Music, Pop Music.

I Like Many Types Of Movie's And T.V. Shows (It Really Wouldn't Be Practical Nor Sensical To List Them All), I Like Many Genre's Of Movies And T.V. Shows.

My Purpose In Life Comes From My Faith, My Politics, And Natural Health, And I Have Goal's In Life, I Have Direction In Life.

I'm Confident But I Do Have Introverted/Shy Tendencies, I Can Be A Quiet Person Because I Tend To View Whats Going On Around Me And Interject Conversation As Needed, I'm More Of A Thinker (I'm Analytical/Logical And My Mind Thinks Reasonably About Thing's).

I'm Considerate, I Open Door's For Laddie's And Help Old People Out, I'd Try and Save Someone From Drowning If They Were Drowning, I Treat Disabled People With Kindness And Politeness, I Try As Often As I Can To Visit My Blind 89 Year Old Grandma A Lot And Spend Time With Her Telling Me About The Old Day's And Me Telling Her About How My Life Is Going.

I Have a Relationship With My Family But We Don't Hangout Or Even See One Another On A Regular Basis, We Love One Another (We Hug One Another And We Say We Love Each Other Openly) But We Just Kind Of Live Our Own Lives, So While I Am Family Oriented, I Also Value The Privacy Between Myself And My Significant Other, I Would Like To Be Able Realistically To Live My Life With My Significant Other Without Constant Family Intervention And Or Interaction From Either Of Our Relative's Regarding My Significant Other Specifically.

I Believe In Good Communication In A Relationship, I Will Listen To What You Have To Say (I Mean Listen And Not Just Hear), I May Not Always Talk A Lot Back But I'll Listen If You Don't Learn How To Communicate With Others The Relationship Won't Last.

I Have A Sense Of Humor, An Ability To Laugh And Have Fun, But I Am More Of A Serious Person Most Of The Time, There Is A Time And Place For Laughing And Fun And A Time And Place For Being Serious.

I'm An Educated Intellectual Who Also Happens To Be A Big Bookworm, I Love To Read, Study And Research, I'm Always Looking To Grow As A Person, I've Done A Little Traveling In My Life, Been Over Sea's Once, Been To A Few Different States, I Enjoy Reading About History, I'd Like To Try New Food's.

I Like To Be Well Dressed But Not Fancy And I Have My Own Unique Style.

I’m a Biblical CHRISTian (Independent Fundamentalist/Fundamental Baptist), Young Earth Creationist, CHRISTian Anarchist/Anarcho-Naturist/CHRISTian Naturist, CHRISTian Environmentalist, CHRISTian AntiNatalist, Naturopath, Orthomolecularist, Herbalist (Herbology), Teaist, Bass Fisherman, Southern Rap Music And Pop Music Enthusiast, Organic Gardener, Nature Lover, Bicycle Rider, Walker/Hiker

(((I Do Not Like Petty, Snooty/Snotty, Prideful Stuck Up, I'm Better Than You Type Attitude's And Or People, Nor Do I Like Drama And Or Gossip, Those Are My Pet Peeve's.)))

I'm A INTP-T, Engram 5
First Date
I'd Like A First Date To Be Romantic Or At Best Simi Romantic, It Doesn't Have To Be All Out Fancy Nor Does It Have To Be Any Kind Of Expensive, It Can Just Be Something Simple And Relaxing, But I'm Not Against Fancy Or Expensive Either.

The Right Women Will Get To See A View From High Above My City That I Don't Allow Many People To See And We Get To Walk Or Hike Through The Wood's To Get There.
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