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African American
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A Marriage Partner
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Chemistry/Environmental Management
Bible Study, Reading, Classical Music, Art, Cars, Lifelong Learning
About Me
A down to Earth, humble, Holy Ghost-filled, saved man of God who truly loves the LORD with all of my heart, mind, & soul; and love helping & serving pothers the best way that I can as the LORD leads me with wisdom.

1. I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. I need God's grace and mercy every day. Also, I need prayers and Godly encouragement daily as I walk this Christian journey. We all need the LORD Jesus Christ....EVERYDAY!!!
2. I'm the proud father of 3x beautiful, extremely intelligent, wonderful, and talented children that the LORD blessed me with. I love them dearly!
3. I seek a loving, supportive, gorgeous, encouraging woman of GOD & beautiful friend with unquestionable character, virtue, class, dignity, wisdom, and integrity in my life...whom the LORD can use greatly! A REAL woman like Sarah, Rahab, Ruth, Abigail, Esther, Mary Magdalen, Elizabeth, and Mary the mother of Jesus, as well as famous and non-famous Godly women throughout history that changed the course & direction of history itself (and also the lives of men) for the better. That's the kind of woman I seek after! I know she exists in the 21st Century! I'm confident of this fact, so I'm stepping out in faith!
4. I seek a true BFF, confidante, lover, prayer partner, and anchor to me as we walk hand in hand and joint in joint together as a couple.
5. I'm NOT looking for pests, fakes, serpents, leeches, troublemakers, or bugaboos! If that's your nature, please stay away & go elsewhere! I don't have time for nonsense, tomfoolery and drama! Be gone...I rebuke Satan & all his works in Jesus' mighty name!!!
6. Yes. I'm willing to give my best to that special person if she's willing to do the same UNCONDITIONALLY!!! This is a team event and a team function, not a solo act! Life's too short for games & drama; and it's definitely too short to be alone, or to have headaches and unnecessary problems from the wrong person.
7. Yes. I'm human like anyone else & is saved by GOD's grace & mercy! Remember, I'm not perfect. Neither are you! Always stay humble and know that without the LORD, WE (people) are nothing! Nor can WE do anything apart from HIM! However, WE can be perfect in unconditional love...when WE work & pray together on one accord; seek the LORD daily; and to be all that GOD called us to be in the name of our LORD & SAVIOR Jesus Christ!
First Date
Candlelit Dinner; A walk in the park or on the beach holding hands; bringing the lady flowers like a true gentleman; A nice evening drive after watching a good, clean movie or visiting an opera (or a symphony); A visit to the museum or art gallery; A horse carriage ride through downtown in any major city; A romantic boat ride; and having a Bible-Pic = An enjoyable picnic in the park, on the beach, or nicely shaded area while reading and discussing the Bible, exalting our LORD & Savior Jesus Christ. I'm always open to suggestions from the beautiful lady that chooses me for a date. If I'm too old-fashioned, please let me know and I'll be willing to adjust when we do things together.
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