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7th Day Adventist
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4 Yr College Degree
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Engineering​ Entrepreneur
Photography, Flying, Fishing, Reading fiction, Reading the Bible, and recognizing its veracity as God's veritable and inimitable word, Family, Love. Romantic gestures and moments.
About Me
Hair, Eyes: Brown, Amber
Body: Muscular
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Christian
Education: Bachelor's Degree

Job: Engineering/Entrepreneur


One child, not living with me

About Me
I'm Extroverted, iNtuitive, Feeling & Judgmental - ENFJ according to Myer's /Brigg's. . I'm also Recalcitrant, Benevolent & a Pedagogue. . IF YOU'RE TRANS (of ANY sort, ) then DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, nor mine!! .. .. .. If we really, " click," then I'll be interested in a LTR! .

I seek a LTR with a Attractive, Semi-educated, Intelligent, and Inspiring, Younger, Judeo-Christian LADY. A good girl--a feminine, girly girl is the "type" I just CAN'T resist! <3
The type who likes and wants children, typically wears her heart on her sleeve, usually wears make-up, appreciates romanic gestures and loves STRONGLY.
You MUST be as beautiful to my heart as you are pretty to my eyes. . I DON'T prefer TRANS-people, BECAUSE I only LOVE WOMEN! "Ain't nothin' like the REAL thing, Baaayybee!"
I'm a Virgo man & pretty typical. Trying to find a Pisces (Aquarius cusp,) or Capricorn... Maybe Scorpio, Taurus, or Leo LADY, whom is also astrologically "typical."
Not rigid in my affinity for a Sign, but in my liking for the "typical" traits of these Signs. It's possible a Cancer/Aires to be more like a Scorpio/Leo; Vice versa & etc., with other Signs.
My FIRST True Love is a Gemini, born on the cusp of Cancer. Anything's possible. NO trans- , of ANY Sign!

Astrology is very curious & uncanny, but only fun. It's not a religion & I only follow it part time.
I'm a veteran of the U.S. Army, the Virginia Army Nat'l Guard, and of the Indiana Army Nat'l Guard.
I served Active Duty during the entire Persian Gulf War & qualify for the maximum preference to get Federal jobs. Qualification is veracious and recently I have gathered all the forms and paperwork to file for it, and have submitted it all to the Office of Personnel Management to take full advantage of the eligibility. Working with the VA to find a great Federal job. I'm a Bachelor of Science (ISU) in Professional Pilot Technology & Aviation Administration, and also a Commercial Pilot, with Instrument- and Multi-Engine Ratings. Right now, I'm also seeking to secure a patent for an invention. In the Army, I was Distinguished Honor Graduate in my Advanced Individual Training class( MOS class. ). In college, I cumulatively made the 'B' Honor Roll on a 124 Credit Hour degree. I am also an Eagle Scout.

I repaired aircraft turbines as my Military Occupational Specialty & should have many opportunities in Federal employment for which I am specially qualified. Many possibilities will pay nearly or more than $ix Figures, though some opps will be overseas. I'm pretty excited, and SO optimistic about my future!
I WANT my lady to be there with me <3

I've been in B-town for a long time. First came with the intent to study Philosophy at IU, to prepare for the LSAT, and to go to Law School at Indiana University.
While studying for the LSAT, I had a cycling accident which required surgery and physical therapy. I thought I had found "Forever" in my physical therapist, and we married pretty quickly. TOO quickly. She became abusive very early, and she didn't stop until I had to give up her and "Forever" to history in < 5 years.
I'm pretty happy now. I KNOW marriage IS commitment and gave it ALL I could, and even more.

I know my True, Forever Love IS still out there, and I long to find her!
I'm very domestic compared to most men ( and even many women, ) and therefore make a great housemate. I'm a great cook, know how to do laundry properly & many other things inside/outside, and around the house/ yard, garage, etc. Who caught the comma splice/ run-on sentence, hahaha?
I dislike most tattoos and most piercings on women, but a few can be nice.
I like/appreciate Jewish culture. Usually don't like/appreciate Afro-American culture likewise.
I DON'T like ANY transsexuals, -vestites, -gendered men. Women. . . What. EVER!!

I'm as straight as they come, and have enjoyed GREAT relationships in life (all HETERO. ) I have lots of experience in love, relationships & sex. Only my marriage went badly. If you're a lady, and as pretty to my eyes as you are beautiful to my heart, you'll be as lucky to find me as I to find you. BELIEVE that!
I am saved from my sin-- I'm "dead unto myself, and born again," by the grace of God, through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. I believe that life, love & marriage are best-built to last, God-centered, on the Biblical principles of His Commandments, and ESPECIALLY His infallible Word (ie.The Holy Bible. ) I'm open, honest & real, and completely capable of taking part in the relationship I seek. relationship I seek. kinrelationship I'm seek
Could you be "My Lady?" Let's find out!
Seeking: A woman age 18 -31
Seeking: A
First Date
Let's just talk, see how our conversational chemistry develops, and go from there.
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