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outdoors, beach, reading,movies, my family,festivals,sports and the list goes on
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*** NOTE... FYI...for all that have asked and others before they do...NO..that is not tattoos on my arm in the last picture of me with Toby was a harley shirt I had on and the sleeves look like tattoos..**

Just your average woman looking for a an Honest God fearing man who is funny, caring, compassionate,understanding, Has integrity, is kind,generous and unselfish . A MAN WHO MEANS WHAT HE SAYS AND SAYS WHAT HE MEANS... Firm believer that actions have always spoken louder than words. I think friendship is a good place to start and build a foundation from there. I still have one child at home who is 13 and keeps me busy. However, I do have time to spend with family, friends and date as well. If you want to know anything else please feel free to ask. I do not smoke and prefer someone who does not smoke as well. **** Not into dating as many men as I can or being part of that scene from the opposite side as well. **** I think it takes time, effort and sincere understanding to get to know someone. I try to treat others with genuine respect,honesty and compassion and like the same in return.:angel:

***** I have come to learn that even though this is a Christian site..there are still many out there who will start chatting with you, maybe even call you for a few days or a couple of weeks...and then just's truly hard to find anymore.. I believe if 2 people find that things are not going the way they had hoped..common courtesy and respect means to let the other one know and wish them well

Some hobbies include outdoor festivals, beach,mountains,reading,movies, concerts, music, day trips, strolling through waterfront towns, weekend get aways, watching some college football and baseball. I love baseball and ice cream:applause: spending time with my family and friends and the list goes on. I'm even open for new hobbies should that happen as well.
** If you have NO WAY in your answer for willing to relocate...then please understand that I will accept being your friend on line but that is it...** I think 2 people who truly seek God's blessing in a committed relationship should ultimately be open to wherever GOD leads may be myself who may be my future mate in life GOD chooses or it may even be a new place for both of us.. It's not fair to me to limit myself becasue of distance if GOD chooses someone for me..and the same for my future spouse..OPEN HEART*** OPEN MIND**
We should be open to wherever GOD leads..

** I want to grow with the one GOD chooses for me, spiritually and emotionally..walk hand in hand through life growing from every trial, blessing, and situation that may come out way. Yes, I want to be married once again but choose to wait on the LORD and let him groom my heart and the heart of the man he chooses for me** GOD is Sovreign.. He has taught me much patience and also that he knows exactly who and what is right for me in my life**
PS.. my 1 or 2 drinks on occasion is a good glass of red wine from time to time
I do have a tattoo or 2..and no I don't believe that INK will keep me from getting into the gates of heaven..GOD knows my heart ..that is all that matters :)
First Date
Any place where the noise level is at a minimum so that we could talk,share a laugh and get to know one another.:glow:

** Please...have a picture..**
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