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A non-denominal church
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Business and part-time side job till business is selfsustaining.
My schooling is in renewable energy and I'm a consumate tinkerer. I'm also a lover of history which fits nicely with my hobby of metal detecting.
I have business plans that include possible relocation in the future.
About Me
>>Update April 2023<<
Well, that didn't go as planned. I got a message notification & clicked on it to find quite a number of messages marked as read that I've never read ... on a profile I thought was deleted. I'm halfway expecting the next message to be from Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone ... we're living it, so I'd not be surprised 😉 I can't believe this profile is still here and actually appears to be complete to the best of my recollection ... gosh, it's been 3 years.!.

>>>UPDATE September 2020<<<
I'm leaving CDFF at the beginning of October 2020 when my paid subscription runs out.
I pray that one and all find what they're looking for and I wish nothing but blessings upon each and every one of you.!.!.!.

1st and sadly, I'm compelled to say; due to recent contacts, I have to say, just because I am a male doesn't mean I'm ready for sex whenever I'm presented with an opportunity for it.!.
Matter of fact, now that we're on the subject I probably need to say this as well, if we're having ANY sort of relationship, you need to know, there will be NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE and I don't need to see your naked body before our wedding night.!.!.!. End of discussion. I hope that clears things up for everyone.

Now, about my headline 'PeopleOrDogs' ... I'm a dog lover and have spent very little time in life without a dog around. With the people they've accepted to be with, dogs are loyal to a fault and will never lie and will love on that person no matter what.!. I wish many people were more like dogs and sometimes, it's difficult to say whether I'd rather be around 'people or dogs'.!.
Onward ... I've had some negative feedback with my original post here in 'about me' so I'm changing it to reflect a more positive tone that's more reflective to my reason for being here ... hope.!.
Of course, this amendment can't change the life I've lived but it does reflect my overall hopeful outlook.
I'm a very hopeful and optimistic realist. I genuinely desire to believe the vast majority people want to live in peace and harmony with the world around them and marry a peaceful spouse for a long and happy life.
I believe that 'love' is a choice and not simply words to utilize to get what the speaker wants. I believe that love is more spiritual than physical and spiritual love is more powerful than physical love. I believe that there is another human being out there who believes the same things I do and someday I will meet her and make her my queen.!.
Deceptive people will always either outright reject honest people or otherwise seek to take advantage of honest people. This is why I cannot peacefully abide with people whose foundation is deception.
I've been through the heartache of loving self-destructive people and these folks will never be an integral part of my life again. Truth always eventually wins and none of us are gettin' outta here alive so let's all make the best of what we have.
Whatever relationship transpires here I can unequivocally state there will be no sexual relations before marriage. If you can't abide by that then don't reply to me or contact me in the 1st place.!.
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I speak blessings upon you and yours.
First Date
Somewhere that's public and safe, not loud and full of distractions. Coffee or tea is never a bad thing. Dinner or a picnic in the park would be wonderful.
The underlying thread here is the necessity that we cultivate a physical environment where both of us can more accurately determine if mutual chemistry exists.
Mutual chemistry is what I believe to be a component of absolute necessity for 2 people who are giving genuine consideration in regards to the rest of their natural lives.
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