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Tall medium build. I have strengths and weaknesses like any man but I will always represent myself as I truly am or at least how I see myself. I figured out how to be myself it's so much easier than trying to be something you're not. Walked into a Pentecostal Church 10 years ago and my life has never been the same. Glory be to God. Here's a suggestion. if we are in the process of texting each other and you are through texting just stop texting or tell me you are through texting me rather than saying you are going to bed and then you're on this for another hour or two the last time I checked lying was a sin. I'm encountering this over and over it is a bad look for you. Okay I'm going to have to do it I'm going to evoke Bob's Tim text rule. after exchanging 10 text at the most if you're not willing to talk on the phone you know like actually hearing a voice then we eliminate each other because this is ridiculous. You women beat a man down with this endless texting. so you think my profiles a little on the edgy side huh ? you would be correct that's the point it's meant to start the weeding out process. Me = above-average looks ( for my age) above average height above-average intelligence but always a good person definitely not mean-spirited. they say good things come to those who wait. I'm still waiting. it takes real to recognize real I'm going to stop myself right there but believe me I could go on and on especially about people's lack of self-confidence as far as verbally communicating I don't understand it. my main picture is from 2015 the driver's license picture has the date on it is from 2017 and the rest are recent basically I think there's three types of scammers you have the ones that are obvious they might not even be who they are you don't know what they are they want to direct you to another website their English doesn't sound right they'll give a number for texting only and they start laying on thick like how great you seen and a lot of and they'll want something almost immediately and then there's the second type they play the long game they want to get involved with you get in your head form some type of relationship then they eventually want something. the third type are really the worst they claim they want a relationship they say they want to find that one person to spend the rest of their life with. but really have no intentions of doing that just want to drag something on without the self-confidence to really put in the time and effort to get to know someone those are the worst
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